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Who We Are

We are a diverse team of humble, hungry and smart data professionals, helping clients to unlock the hidden truths buried in their data.

Our core values drive how we serve our clients. We believe data is a valuable asset and has the power to reveal insight. We believe our clients are best served when we deliver solutions that embrace Self-Service and Automation as core paradigms.

Our expertise is broad and deep across the Data & Analytics solution spectrum. We are selective in the Strategic Technology Partners with whom we align ourselves and invest deeply in those partnerships, developing industry recognized expertise to ensure our clients are successful in their implementation, adoption and utilization of those platforms.

We create the most value for our clients by optimizing the mix of services we deliver and the utilization of the best in the industry software platforms we recommend or license.

Our Mission

We believe in serving others by helping them unlock the hidden truths buried in their data.

Our Vision

To be recognized leaders in delivering advanced data analytics solutions in the markets we serve.

We achieve this by:

  • Promoting & enabling Self-Service and Automation

  • Identifying & deploying best in class data technology

  • Creating thought leadership in the art of deriving insights

  • Developing technology where gaps exist in the market

  • Attracting talent aligned with our passion and values

  • Giving back to our local and global communities

Image of Steve Agee

"We believe in serving others."

- Steve Agee | Co-Founder & President­­­­

Core Values

Serving others is the foundation of our mission statement and it is the central theme embodied in our three (3) core values – the traits that we believe are inherent in everyone at Teknion:


For over 20 years, our mission has been to serve the people surrounding us. Simply put, we believe we were called to serve. We strive to serve our customers with excellence and with integrity. We value teamwork and serving one another. And we believe we have a responsibility to serve our community and the world we live in.

"If you want to be great, learn to be servant of all."
- Jesus.

People with a Servant’s Heart are humble. They are problem solvers. They are team players. They know their strengths and understand their role. They put other people’s interests above their own. They see the bigger picture.

A Servant’s Heart is a way of life at Teknion. We get the opportunity to see it demonstrated every day by our employees as they invest in each other, in our customers, our partners and in the communities they serve, both near and far.

Image of Larry Hanrahan

"Giving Back is a responsibility we believe we have and a privilege we take seriously."

- Larry Hanrahan | Co-Founder & CFO


Teknion Does The Unexpected (AKA Giving Back)

In June 1999, the founders of Teknion opened their first company checking account. The first 10 checks written were gifts to charitable organizations. Several of these we still support today!

Giving back is a passion and a purpose. It is part of the foundation of Teknion. It is a responsibility we believe we have and a privilege we take seriously. It’s one of the greatest satisfactions we enjoy.

The spirit of giving has led us to establish “Teknion Does the Unexpected,” the arm of Teknion that serves and gives back to the community. Our desire is to go beyond what is expected to impact our community in lasting ways. Through “Teknion Does the Unexpected,” we are committed to financial support of faith based and humanitarian charitable organizations in our local communities and around the world, as well as giving our time and expertise in helping these organizations carry out their mission of serving others.

We encourage our employees to donate their time and talents to organizations they are passionate about and we have recently launched an Employee Matching program, creating matching funds for employee contributions to approved organizations.

NEW Learn about TDTU Scholarship Program 2021 here.

Impacted Organizations

Here are just a few of the organizations Teknion has impacted through its “Teknion Does The Unexpected” program.