Workshop:  DataRobot University

Workshop:  DataRobot University

Join us for this complimentary interactive learning lab where you will gain the skills you need to make the most of the automated capabilities of DataRobot to explore, model, and act on data. This course provides hands-on coverage of the DataRobot platform and its features, expert advice on best practices in machine learning, and guidance on how to integrate predictions into your production systems.

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This learning lab will include the following components:

Data Exploration and Preparation

  • Data cleaning
  • Data loading
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Target leakage

Modeling and Interpretation

  • Cross-validation
  • DataRobot Insights
  • Blended models
  • Model X-Ray
  • Learning curves
  • Model selection

DataRobot in Production

  • Accuracy vs latency
  • Batch prediction
  • Prediction API
  • Managing projects

Lunch will be provided each day!

What To Bring:


-Data Set

-A Problem Your Company Is Trying To Solve With Data

 Contact William Collins at or call 214-614-7600

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Workshop:  DataRobot University