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Image of Joshua Milligan

Joshua Milligan

Principal Consultant & Zen Master

My Data Analytics Top Gun Name: VizPainter

Where My Passion For Data Comes From: I've always loved helping others see and understand data. A few years ago, I visualized patients in a hospital - and that's when I realized, every mark represented a real patient with very serious issues that could be helped with data and I knew I could truly make a difference.

What I Like to Do When I'm Not Serving Customers: I love to spend time with my family, read, and write. I also love to have fun with Tableau - making games, interacting with the community, and even have written some books!

Certifications: Tableau Zen Master, Tableau Certified Trainer, Author, Alteryx Designer Core Certification, Kimball Dimensional Modeling Certification, Iron Viz Global Finalist

Professional Blog: https://vizpainter.com/

Latest Book:  Learning Tableau 2020