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Image of Preston Howell

Preston Howell

Client Success Leader & Senior Consultant

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Preston Howell currently lives in Dallas, Texas and serves as one of our Client Success Leaders. He describes his role as a combination of having one foot in sales, and the other in delivery. His favorite thing to do is talk to clients early on and help them discover what they need, work with them to find the right solution to their project, and then lead them to delivery.

Preston’s number one reason he enjoys working at Teknion is the heart of our senior leadership. The two values that drive him in the workplace are generosity and efficiency, and one of his favorite aspects of Teknion is that it’s a very giving company. “Each dollar I bill results in five or more dollars being given away. It’s cool to feel like I can make a difference even in a corporate company,” Preston says. When he’s not on the clock, you can catch Preston playing ultimate frisbee, rock climbing, volunteering at the community garden with his wife, and playing board games