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RANSOMWARE SERIES: The Path Less Traveled and Tips of the Trade

The Path Less Traveled: knowing who exactly owns the data and acting responsibly.

When a business does not take ownership of its data, IT and cyber security end up having to pick up the tab on it. This is not a proper way for businesses to own data. They must have some form of governance so that IT and cyber know what they consider important and why, how they curate it and keep it healthy, and how they maintain the data’s quality. Business repositories then get formed, consisting of -the data catalogs, business glossaries, and metadata enrichment. These business repositories and quality tests may be executed by IT individuals, but they’re mainly business-driven operations and functions. When we have that ownership properly placed on the business, data governance propels into its maximum action, and this is when we get to see it excel. The business enterprise, project domains, and technical stores will know at any point in time how the data should be treated, for which purpose, and the extent of its health.

RANSOMWARE SERIES: Is Data Governance a Team Sport?

When it comes to data governance, technical and business stewards are not always understood as being pivotal to the health, maintenance, and control of the data. Sometimes, cybersecurity professionals feel like they are the ones protecting the data. While they are to an extent, they’re not necessarily knowledgeable in the transformation of the data, the use of it, the meaning, the value, and where the data stands as an asset in the organization.

What the Rise of the DATA ACT Means for Data Analysts

The Data Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014, technically launched in 2017, is about to become more visible in 2022. This act seeks to create an open data set for all federal spending.

RANSOMWARE SERIES: The Lifecycle Management of Data

While the basics that make up the lifecycle of data management have been around for a very long time, the basics of cyber security are new. The following components of data governance are the foundation for these basics:

Introducing Govern by Design™

The need for data governance is becoming increasingly important in the world of rules and regulations... But why should you care?

First, let’s tackle definitions. While there are many different definitions out there, Teknion’s Data Governance Practice Lead, Paola Sabiene, describes data governance as the following:

Moving to the Cloud

7 Tips for Selecting the Right Strategy and Tools

Moving your data to the cloud can help manage costs and increase agility. In the cloud, you can scale up or down as needed to handle spikes in demand and control costs.

Government Space Exploration & Their Third Parties Paid A Heavy Price Due To This DG Issue

Did You Know?

Government Space Exploration and their Third Parties paid a heavy price in 1999 due to a data governance issue.

Reducing The Effects Of Ransomware With Data Governance

Did You Know?

At Teknion we promote the 'governance by design' approach, which binds data governance to the ecosystem of digital risk management.

The best solution to managing risk is simple

Did you Know?

Data Governance involves managing tangible risk.

The data governance practitioner has to balance privacy, security, and access in ways that the organization feels supported in its initiatives and progress.

Regulatory compliance will guide the minimal requirements for access control, lineage, and retention policies, but even these can pose challenges for companies that thrive in organic growth. Laws change, processes are slow to adjust, and risk appetites differ.

Tips For Building A New Cloud Data Warehouse @ Blue Cross Blue Shield

Having recently wrapped up a Cloud Data Warehouse project for a Blue Cross Blue Shield organization, I thought it would be great to share some insight into tips to improve your chances for successfully moving to a modern Cloud Data Warehouse. Whether the project is a new Cloud Data Warehouse or a migration from an on-premise Data Warehouse to the Cloud, you will find these tips helpful.

CHFA's Digital Transformation Journey

Last month, I had the pleasure of interviewing Jon Sakanai, Business Intelligence Manager at Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA). CHFA is Colorado's trusted partner for affordable and responsible homeownership. Watch Video Interview Here

Teknion Announces Launch of Validatar 2020.4 & New Validatar Branding

Teknion Data Solutions announces the release of significant feature enhancements to Validatar, a data quality management platform developed by Teknion to “Improve Trust In Your Data” through the streamlining and automation of the discovery, testing & monitoring of an organization’s data assets.