The Top 6 Reasons to Attend Tableau Conference 2017

By: Teknion Data Solutions Team

Tableau Conference gets us excited every year, for after all we are data practitioners. If you have never been to Tableau Conference and are passionate about data visualization, there are so many great reasons to attend. We thought about cheating and saying there were over 400 reasons to attend thanks to all of the sessions, but all joking aside, here are the top 6 reasons to attend TC17:

1. The Sessions

With over 400 sessions scheduled for next week, there is something for everyone in attendance; from those just starting your business intelligence or data visualization journey, to the grizzled data veterans. TC17 features sessions on:

2. The Speakers and On-Stage Events

TC17 is loaded with renowned keynote speakers including:

  • Talithia Williams, Big Data Expert & Professor, Math & Statistics, the brilliant mind behind the popular TedTalk “Own Your Body’s Data.” She will be taking the complex idea of big data and make it relatable for everyone.
  • Adam Savage, Co-host and Executive Producer MythBusters, is at TC17 this year, bringing his love for data and science to the stage.
  • Co-Authors of Freakonomics, Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt, will show you how they discovered the hidden side of data.
  • The Iron Viz Championship pits the best of the best Tableau wizards against each other using only their Tableau skills, identical data sets and a time limit. Our own Josh Milligan is one of the three finalists taking the stage.

3. The Data

This is an event for data fanatics, so what would it be without the data! Get hands on experience with data visualization and Tableau, and interact with Zen Masters and other experts from around the world to up your data game.

4. The People

Spend four days among likeminded practitioners and data lovers. This really sounds like a vacation to us more than anything. Tableau Conference is packed with data practitioners of all skill levels from all over the world. They come for the learning, networking, and a chance to geek out for a few days and get inspired.

5. Hang Out with Us

Stop by and say hello, as we’ll be in the expo hall throughout the conference. Teknion’s booth will include live in-booth magic (literally), data warehouse automation demos using WhereScape, and a full team of Teknion Tableau and Alteryx experts. We will also conduct a raffle for a prize of two free hours of Tableau consultation with a Tableau Zen Master! Please visit us at booth #237.

Last, but certainly not least:

6. The Learning

There’s no great way to sum up into words the experience that is TC17 other than to say it all comes down to the learning. We believe that training and learning truly return their investment in spades. Data and business intelligence as an industry do their best when we come together to celebrate our passion, expertise and desire to learn. When we collaborate, we create breakthroughs in how we look at data and the benefits it gives to organizations.