First Impressions at Inspire 2017: Alteryx is Brilliantly, Comprehensively Coherent

By: Josiah Daniels

I’m generally skeptical of how much I can learn in two days, especially at a conference where there is a bombardment of information and sensory overload. I learn best by following a “whole-to-particular” approach: start with an overarching concept, and then move into a detailed, methodical analysis of the particulars that make up that concept. Bombard me with a bunch of different subjects in a random order over a short span of time and I will get lost. This is what normally happens at conferences for me.

Inspire was different. To be sure, there was a bombardment of information on a wide array of topics. I learned about scheduling workflows, deploying workflows to production, stringing conditional applications together, aliasing databases to easily switch out incoming and outgoing connections, predictive functionality, prescriptive functionality, troubleshooting server issues, bringing custom coding into Alteryx, seamlessly linking Alteryx into other applications, how the Alteryx engine works behind the scenes, etc. Sounds like a lot, right? Well, it was.

Yet, it didn’t feel overwhelming. Perhaps it was because the presenters were clear and helpful. Or, perhaps it was because I have a fair amount of Alteryx experience. Maybe it was also because everyone was so friendly and supportive. Without a doubt, these factors contributed to the whole experience of not feeling overwhelmed. But there was also something else – something overarching; something meta – that made it even easier to learn at this conference.

When I really think about it, I conclude that it’s because Alteryx is brilliantly, comprehensively coherent. The number of problems Alteryx can solve is infinitely diverse, and yet it is easy to see how this diversity all fits together. It’s easy to see how Alteryx could solve multiple data problems revolving around one business case. That’s something that not every data tool can claim. In other words, Alteryx is incredibly deep and wide in its possible use cases, while at the same time being crazy intuitive and easy to learn.

This is what was so inspiring to me. This is what will keep me coming back to Alteryx for all my data problems.

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