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To Blend Or Not To Blend In Tableau


Learn why and how to avoid Data Blending in Tableau.

Interns Rule The Summer @ Teknion

What happens when you bring four (4) highly motivated data and analytic interns into your company for the summer?  Magic, pure magic.  Teknion has always been lucky with our internship program.  Every year we interview a large number of candidates for a few very coveted slots, always making for a difficult hiring decision.  This year was no different.  

Setting up Single Sign-On for Snowflake with SAML 2.0

In a recent POC, we were asked if single sign-on (SSO) could be achieved between Tableau and Snowflake using Auth0, a third-party identity provider (IDP).  Additionally, the client was looking for the ability to use secured views in Snowflake to limit the data that was being accessed by a Tableau Report.

Overcoming Concurrent Write Limits in Snowflake

Recently, an industry association came to us to help them build a portal for receiving member data and a data warehouse for sharing the insights gained from that data.  Snowflake was the obvious platform to support the data warehouse, but the client was also interested in using Snowflake to process and store files submitted by the member organizations.

How Tableau and Alteryx Helped Push One Candidate to a Mayoral Race Victory

Local political campaigns are revving up once again, and Tableau and Alteryx are on the forefront of electoral data. Community volunteer Coby Sparks, who you might remember

Teknion Achieves Alteryx Premier Partner Status

We’re honored and excited to be named an Alteryx Premier Partner, the highest achievement level possible for an Alteryx partner.  This award puts us in  a select class of companies world wide.

Save Time! Take Advantage of the Alteryx Toolkit

In June, just before the Alteryx Inspire Conference, we officially launched our “Teknion Toolkit for Alteryx. We wanted to remind they are out on our website and just how much time you can save creating workflows when you use these tools.

Teknion's Bridget Cogley and Joshua Milligan Earn Tableau Zen Master Honors Once Again

Becoming a Tableau Zen Master is like making it to Carnegie Hall.  It starts with practice, practice, and more practice.  However, like most top honors, it takes more than just practice to be the best.  The same holds true for becoming one of 30 Tableau Zen Masters world-wide.  

J.Reneé CIO Coby Sparks Speaks with Teknion

Teknion sat down with J.Reneé Group’s CIO, Coby Sparks, to learn how Alteryx workflows and Tableau dashboard reporting have transformed his business intelligence profile, allowing them to order and forecast inventory more accurately.

This Blog Is Significant (p≦0.05)

When I was a professor of quantitative methods, I made a deal with my students. They never said something is “significant” and I didn’t throw an eraser in their general direction.

From Day 1, I made it clear that the intolerable intellectual faux pas in quantitative analysis is not specifying which type of significance you were reporting. And lest they would think there were only a couple of types, I would have them read Leach and Onwuegbuzie 2004; (Link To Article) to illustrate that there are now four different ways in which we can discuss significance: statistical, practical, clinical, and economic.

K-Means Clustering: How do I decide the number of clusters to retain?

One of the great frustrations in performing a cluster analysis is determining the correct number of clusters to retain. In their article “Clustering: Science or Art?”, Guyon, von Luxborg, and Williamson argue that “the major obstacle is the difficulty to evaluate a clustering algorithm without taking into account the context.” However, determining the appropriate contextual statistic is sometimes daunting and the data scientist typically leans on the default selection from the software package being deployed. And while a analyst should never depend on the canned recommendations for selecting the correct number of clusters, it is sometimes the case that default determines practice.