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This Blog Is Significant (p≦0.05)

When I was a professor of quantitative methods, I made a deal with my students. They never said something is “significant” and I didn’t throw an eraser in their general direction.

From Day 1, I made it clear that the intolerable intellectual faux pas in quantitative analysis is not specifying which type of significance you were reporting. And lest they would think there were only a couple of types, I would have them read Leach and Onwuegbuzie 2004; (Link To Article) to illustrate that there are now four different ways in which we can discuss significance: statistical, practical, clinical, and economic.

K-Means Clustering: How do I decide the number of clusters to retain?

One of the great frustrations in performing a cluster analysis is determining the correct number of clusters to retain. In their article “Clustering: Science or Art?”, Guyon, von Luxborg, and Williamson argue that “the major obstacle is the difficulty to evaluate a clustering algorithm without taking into account the context.” However, determining the appropriate contextual statistic is sometimes daunting and the data scientist typically leans on the default selection from the software package being deployed. And while a analyst should never depend on the canned recommendations for selecting the correct number of clusters, it is sometimes the case that default determines practice.

A Summer with Teknion: The Internship Experience

Introduction by Jeremy Parulian-Teknion Consultant

This summer, Teknion hosted its 5th annual class of interns. Over the course of 10 weeks, the interns developed a host of skills through training, mentoring, presentations and  involvement in both client and internal data analytics projects. 

Our internship program is a great way for college students to get real-world, practical experience, providing them with an opportunity to give a career in consulting and data analytics a test run and the ability to earn decent money during the summer.

Google OAuth2 and Google APIs

There are several “actors” involved in the use of any Google API. The two main actors from a Google user account standpoint are:

Alteryx Inspire 2018 Re-Cap & A Look To The Future

Wow, it was a whirlwind event at the Alteryx Inspire 2018 Conference last week, and it truly lived up to its tagline, “Alter Everything”!

Teknion's Deanna Sanchez Named an Alteryx "ACE"

At the conclusion of the 2018 Inspire Conference, Alteryx announced its Analytics Excellence Awards as well as the newest class of “ACEs” in its ACE program. The ACE program is designed to recognize the most prominent experts and influencers currently using and evangelizing the Alteryx platform.

Tableau Implementation Strategies-Which One Will Work Best For Your Organization?

*This blog builds upon a webinar conducted by Teknion’s Bridget Cogley and Joshua Milligan, both Tableau Zen Masters. The webinar can be viewed here:

Traditional BI Rollout for Tableau; Does It Ever Really Work?

We recently wrote a blog about several different rollout strategies of Tableau into your organization, where we outlined when each strategy can work, and when each strategy can potentially fail. 

Falling In Love With Tableau Prep

There have been two times in my 14 years at Teknion Data Solutions that I have fallen in love with what I do. I mean, I’ve enjoyed all of it. I really liked writing custom software for clients in the early days and moving data around in transactional systems. I liked making web applications. I enjoyed learning data modeling and helping clients solve problems and gain insight into their data by building data warehouses. Some of the early ETL tools were a bit tedious, but it was still a great feeling to populate a useful data structure. But both Tableau and now Tableau Prep have changed my world and allow me to serve my clients in amazing ways!

WHERESCAPE TIP: Partitioning a Fact Table by a non-Date dimension


One of the benefits of utilizing WhereScape RED to automate your Data Warehouse development is its drag-drop-click capability. This is especially the case when creating a partitioned Fact table. The dialogs walk you through identifying whether you want to partition by Day, Month or Year.

Alteryx For Good Week 2018: Continuing the Commitment


Deanna was featured in a recent Alter Everything Podcast developed by Alteryx. You can download the podcast here.

It all began for us during Alteryx For Good Week 2017; Alteryx User Group and AFG staff had let our Dallas Alteryx User Group leadership team know about the upcoming volunteer opportunity. They mentioned a few non-profit organizations that either already had one free Alteryx For Good desktop Designer license, or were interested in obtaining a license. One of the non-profits stood out: The Commit! Partnership, who had a license, but would like to have assistance in really utilizing it to its potential.

"Partnering with DataRobot to bring machine learning to AI-driven organizations"

This week DataRobot officially announced its AI Partner Program.  As one of the first companies to align itself with DataRobot, I would like to invite and welcome new and future AI Partners into this community.