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Quiz: Which Tableau Training Course Is Right For You?

By: R.J. Stirling

Take The Tableau-Training Diagnostic Quiz To Find Out!

As a Business Intelligence Consultant who has been a Tableau-accredited trainer for a year and a half, one of the most common questions I hear from Tableau users considering classroom training is, “Which course should I take?” It can be difficult to decide between the three Tableau-sponsored course options — Fundamentals, Intermediate, Advanced — and the reality of limited professional development and training dollars makes the question an important one.  

As a way to help Tableau users decide which training course best fits their experience and skill level, I created a Tableau-training diagnostic quiz that determines which of the three course options is the best fit for a given individual. To complete the quiz, for each question simply select the answer that best describes your Tableau experience, technical background and learning style. At the end you will receive a recommendation for which Tableau course is the best fit.