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Teknion Announces Launch of Validatar 2020.4 & New Validatar Branding

By: William Collins-Chief Marketing Officer

Teknion Data Solutions announces the release of significant feature enhancements to Validatar, a data quality management platform developed by Teknion to “Improve Trust In Your Data” through the streamlining and automation of the discovery, testing & monitoring of an organization’s data assets.

Data quality continues to be a major impediment for organizations wanting to leverage their data to make accurate, informed business decisions. Forbes indicates that over “84% of organization executives don’t trust the data they are using to make important business decisions”. To further quantify the impact, Gartner estimates “on average, poor data quality cost organizations over $15M per year in lost opportunities”.

Why is it so hard for organizations to improve their data quality? One is the lack of understanding of the true impact data quality has to an organization. Two is the exponential growth in the amount of data organizations are trying to analyze. Three is the lack of a comprehensive solution to assist organizations in streamlining, automating and expanding data quality management, data governance and data testing capabilities.

That is why Teknion developed and continues to enhance and expand Validatar as a comprehensive data quality management solution.

Steve Agee, President and Co-Founder of Teknion states, “while originally developed internally to help our consultants streamline data testing while they were building out data warehouses for clients, we have invested extensively in Validatar to provide an Enterprise level software solution for both our consulting clients and organizations across the globe that want to increase data quality to improve the trust in their data. There really isn’t another solution in the market that provides to clients what Validatar does.”


Clients Leveraging Validatar

Clients have leveraged Validatar to improve the quality and trust in their data through the automated discovery, testing and monitoring of their vital data assets. A short list of clients include Texas Mutual, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Children’s Hospital Association.

Validatar 2020.4

As part of our ongoing investment in the evolution of Validatar, we recently released Validatar 2020.4.

Jonathan Agee, Teknion CTO and Validatar Product Champion states “Validatar 2020.4 is a game changer for our customers with key features like data profiling and linking tests to metadata that continue to deliver on our vision of Improving Trust in Data.”

Validatar 2020.4 extends the platform’s capabilities in three key areas:

  • Data Source Metadata – Validatar is now metadata aware. We see metadata as the key to all kinds of automation and with 2020.4 we have unlocked the power of metadata for our users.
  • Data Profiling – Validatar 2020.4 makes it simple and easy for our users to get to know the data in their data sources through comprehensive data profiling capabilities as well as analysis and visualization of the profile results.
  • Explorer – With Validatar 2020.4 we bring the ability to browse Metadata, Profile Results, and Test Results for data sources. This allows data consumers at our customers to improve trust in data.

To find out more about Validatar 2020.4 we would be delighted to schedule a personalized demo for you. [Schedule Demo]

New Validatar Branding

To support the expanded positioning and promotion of Validatar as an Enterprise level solution, Teknion has invested in developing new branding elements to provide clients and prospects alike, the opportunity to engage with the Validatar brand in a new and fresh way.

New branding elements include:

Vision Statement: Helping organizations unlock the power of their data by “Improving Trust In Their Data”

Brand attributes: Brand attributes represent the overall essence of the brand and help
define Validatar’s brand personality. Updated brand attributes include color, typography and iconography.

Logo: We have created a new, modern logo to represent Validatar and support the brand’s attributes 

Validatar Website: A modern site to deliver the information our clients and prospects need to make an informed decision and to get the most out of their Validatar investment. www.validatar.com.

Validatar Social Media: Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up to date on new enhancements, relevant content and key events focused on improving data quality.


If you would like to learn more about Validatar, visit Validatar.com or request a personalized demo. [Schedule Demo]