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Teknion Launches Comprehensive Client Solution Webinar Series

By: William Collins-Chief Marketing Officer

Fueled by our client's and community's request for more relevant and timely content, we are launching Teknion's Client Solution Webinar Series to represent the ever expanding diverse needs of our clients and the products, services and solutions Teknion offers to solve those unique data challenges.

Our client and user communities are asking us to share more best practices, introduce them to great software technology platforms and share relevant success stories of how others are achieving better data, better insights and better results through data & analytics solutions with the support of Teknion.

The Teknion Client Solution Webinar Series is designed to satisfy this request. To cover topics across the entire data and analytics ecosystem: we have created four (4) Webinar Series Categories under which all of our webinars will fall. Within each of these Series Categories, we will have unique webinar tracks that explore ideas, solutions, platforms and best practices associated with each of the categories.  Each webinar will be led by industry experts from Teknion, our clients or our software technology partners.

Here are the Series Categories:

Data Strategy Webinar Series Cover

The Data Strategy Webinar Series is where we explore why having a well-thought-out data strategy is essential to the success of building out highly functioning data and analytics ecosystems. Topics will range from data governance to data monetization to cost avoidance and getting buy-in for your data strategy.



Data Pipeline Webinar Series Cover
The Data Pipeline Webinar Series is where we explore the critical components of a data pipeline/data warehouse architecture & infrastructure.  Topics will range from Strategy, Best practices, Cloud, ETL, Data QA & Testing software platforms and how to avoid the costly mistakes others have made in building out data warehouse systems that ultimately fail to deliver.


Data Science Webinar Series Cover

The Data Science Webinar Series is where we explore the critical components of advanced analytics, predictive modeling and next generation thinking around doing more with your data. Topics will include Time Series Modeling, A-B Testing, choosing the best predictive models for your organization and how to leverage modern day predictive software platforms to automate and deliver self-service solutions.


Visual Analytics Webinar Series Cover
The Visual Analytics Webinar Series is where we explore richer story telling with data, the strategy behind visual analytics, the power of embedded analytics and how to stay up to date on the latest data visualization platforms.  Many of these webinar tracks will be led by Teknion's own Tableau Zen Masters and will deliver both the how and the why behind great visual analytics.


Select one Series Category or explore all of them to find the webinar tracks you are most interested in and will provide the most value to you.  The webinar tracks will continue to evolve over time, so check back often and as always, each of the webinars will be recorded and available in our Webinar Archive.

We hope you enjoy each of the webinar series and we would welcome your feedback on what other topics you would like us to deliver.