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What will be Revealed at Tableau Conference 2017?

By: Joshua Milligan & Jonathan Agee

Tableau Conference is definitely the highlight of the year and 2017 will no doubt be another amazing event!  TC17 returns to Las Vegas and promises many incredible experiences: Keynotes, sessions, networking with the Tableau community, parties, Tableau Doctor and more!  In fact, I’ll be co-presenting a session with fellow Tableau Zen Master and Teknion consultant Bridget Cogley (Data Play-Doh) and competing against Tristan Guillevain and Jacob Olsufka in the Iron Viz! 

I’m looking forward to all of it!  It’ll be an exhilarating and exhausting ride! 

But there’s one thing that I’ve enjoyed at every single Tableau Conference since I first started attending in 2012: seeing what’s new and coming to Tableau!  When the Devs step up on stage and reveal what they’ve been working on and what is coming, my heart starts pounding and my data sense starts tingling!  I always think the latest version of Tableau is the best thing I’ve ever seen… 

… until I see upcoming features in future versions!  I don’t know specifically what will be demoed at TC17, but I know what has been made public by Tableau at TC16 and afterwards that I’m excited to hear more about: 

Project Maestro 

First demoed at TC16, this is a brand-new product line for Tableau that focuses on data prep.  Now, I’m always amazed at how much data shaping I can do right in Tableau (hence Bridget Cogley’s and my presentation at conference), but I’m thoroughly on board with the idea of an application that takes it to another level and makes data prep as intuitive and transparent as Tableau makes visual analytics. 


When I first heard about Tableau’s acquisition of Hyper and then saw it demoed last year, I couldn’t wait to get a production release!  This hybrid OLTP/OLAP data engine is blazing fast with large data sets. 

That’s exciting enough, but what thrills me even more is to daydream about all the spatial, predictive and modeling capabilities that could be unlocked with a super-fast engine.  I have a feeling Hyper could be the foundation of the next generation of Tableau capabilities.  “When is it coming?” I get asked all the time.  I don’t know, but maybe we’ll get a few more hints at TC17! 

Web Authoring Parity 

Every new release of Tableau has introduced more and more web authoring capabilities.  It’s only a matter of time before authoring via browser is the same experience as authoring with the Desktop application.  Being able to do analysis, visualize data and design dashboards with any device: that’s something I could get used to! 

Natural Language Query 

Did you hear Tableau acquired ClearGraph?  Couple that with the NLQ demo we saw at TC16 and I’m thoroughly excited to see where Tableau is taking this technology.  How will it fit with Tableau’s current paradigm?  I can’t wait to find out! 

Machine Learning 

With Tableau, this isn’t just a buzzword.  In fact, Tableau 10 releases have started to introduce machine learning when it comes to helping you discover data connections.  How will machine learning be leveraged in future versions?  I’ll be on the edge of my seat with you!  

Collaboration & Data Governance 

Tableau 10.4, currently in beta, has the start of a collaboration feature that I’m sure will become even more robust in future versions.  Tableau has also started to really beef up the data governance capabilities of Tableau Server.  This is already starting to make a huge difference in the organizations I work with and I’m excited to see how these features continue to develop. 

!?!?  !?!?!  !?!?! !?!?! 

And who knows what else will be revealed.  Every Tableau Conference has blown me away by revealing some new feature or technology or paradigm that I never knew I needed until I saw it.  Of course, I then wonder how I ever got by without it!  What will be revealed this year that will change my life as a data analyst and consultant?  I don’t know… 

… but I can’t wait to find out!