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Govern By Design

Data Governance doesn’t need to be hard to understand or difficult to implement. Yet, 90% of executives don’t trust their data according to a recent survey. And, thousands of organizations will struggle with recovery from a cyber attack and recovery of their data.

Govern by Design

At Teknion, we advocate a Governance by Design approach. Governance by Design binds data governance to the ecosystem of digital risk management.

Why Governance by Design Matters

Generally speaking, data governance plays a major role in helping every major organizational function fulfill their roles and responsibilities. Data governance accelerates the delivery of initiatives, and reduces enterprise risk. Doing this poorly results in loss of market share becoming less competitive in the marketplace.

We help you focus your Data Governance on the issues that produce the most significant value for your organization. Data Governance Practice Lead, Paola Saibene shares her thoughts on our data governance framework and explains how it needs to perform much like a precision Formula 1 racing crew pit team:

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Our Customers

For over 20 years, Teknion has been helping customers with data transformation, data visualization and data governance programs. Here are some of the customers that we have recently worked with on Data Governance projects.


"“Teknion was instrumental in helping us work through the intricacies of formalizing our data governance program. We value Teknion as a trusted partner.”"

- Robert Barnard | Ingram Content Group

Does your organization struggle with Data Governance?

We work with hundreds of organizations each year and many struggle with their Data Governance programs. 

Do you struggle with any of these Data Governance issues?

  • Realizing Value from your existing Data Governance program
  • Struggling with Data trust
  • Complying with Industry regulations
  • Reducing workload on data privacy and cybersecurity 
  • Remediating audit findings
  • Getting started with Data Governance
We can help.
Our programs start with complimentary Design Thinking Whiteboard sessions, include a Data Governance Health Check and are customized to your needs.

Govern by Design Offers

Regardless of your needs, we have a program that will help you move forward with your Data Governance program. We deploy an experienced, multi-sector/industry team of professionals that will help build a successful data governance program. Each program starts with a Design Thinking white board session that will set a blueprint for success.

Quick & Effective Data Governance Assistance (2-4 weeks)

  • Tailored Health Check & Customized Recommendations for Maximum Impact
  • Pathway to Data Valuation & Monetization tailored to the Business Strategy
  • Merge Data Science with Data Governance for Maximum Results
  • Select the Right Data Catalog that Matches Your Environment
  • Build & Galvanize Champions to Support & Sustain the Program
  • Harmonize Standards, Frameworks, and Regulations
  • Communicate & Obtain Assistance from Top Leadership & the Board of Directors
  • Develop a Powerful Ecosystem of Governance along with Risk, Compliance, Security, Privacy, and Audit, supporting and accelerating Innovation & Digital Transformation 
  • Creating a roadmap and an action plan that actionalize legal and contractual obligations, by strengthening the vendor and procurement management practices

In-Depth Data Governance Assistance (60+ days)

  • Create & Deploy an Effective Program that covers Data Management and beyond
  • Increase the Maturity of Your Program and Team
  • Increase the Skills of the DG Team
  • Deploy ‘Governance by Design’
  • Fulfill ‘Privacy by Design’ obligations in regulation
  • Fulfill Data Subject Rights in various privacy regulations

Let’s Get Started

Ready to speak with us about your Data Governance needs? Complete the form below to request a complimentary Design Thinking Whiteboard session to discuss where you are, what you are looking to accomplish and hear how we suggest that you begin.