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Data Pipeline

data pipelines: noun

  1. A Data Warehouse and the supporting processes and functions
  2. AKA Data Infrastructure

Data Pipelines are analogous to municipal water systems. Each are designed and built to bring a precious commodity, (data/water) to users in an efficient manner.

Like a modern-day water infrastructure system, well-designed data infrastructure systems deliver tremendous value to organizations and their data users by providing access to trusted data they can use when they need it.

Critical infrastructure, like water and data systems, do not just happen. They require a vision with clearly defined goals, strategic planning, well thought out design, building and on-going support to ensure they deliver the value to your community as intended.

Here's how we do it.


Start with Strategy

Teknion’s expertise is in asking the right questions early and often, listening, evaluating and recommending the right Data Warehouse solution for your organization.

Through a Strategic Data Assessment, we gain an understanding of your vision, people and processes and the current “state” of your data and supporting technologies. As part of our assessment we evaluate whether moving to the Cloud now, or in the future, is right for your organization. We evaluate and recommend a combination of software technologies and consulting services to optimize your solution, along with developing a realistic budget and scope for the solution.

Design & Modeling

Design Matters

Like the engineers and architects that develop blueprints for each water infrastructure system they design; our team assists you in architecting, designing and modeling data for the data warehouse and data lake solution that is best for your organization.

Loading & Transformation

Load & Transform to Ready Data

Ensuring consumers have access to the data they need requires the ability to deliver and store ready to consume product efficiently and effectively. Like water systems that extract, treat and store ready to use water, loading and transforming data through automated ETL/ELT processes ensure data is available when and where users need it. Our clients have found great success in leveraging software technology, like WhereScape, Alteryx and Five Tran to automate this process.

Migrating To The Cloud

Consider This

Migrating  to the cloud can create its own set of unique challenges for organizations.  When contemplating migrating some or all of your data to a cloud solution, factors such as security, metadata and source to target data compatibility, QA and automation must be considered and vetted out to ensure a smooth migration.

When engaged with clients to assist moving their data to the cloud, many times as part of a Strategic Data Assessment or in lieu of one, we will perform a Cloud Migration Readiness review.  This enables us to evaluate and analyze through a “data in the cloud” lens and to make specific recommendations regarding structure, architecture, automating QA and governance for that data.

For many clients, a Snowflake solution provides the best path for moving some or all of their data into the cloud.  Between their unique pricing approach, the way they architected their system and when coupled with data warehouse automation tools, clients can be up and running in the cloud in weeks, not months.

Quality & Testing

Quality & Testing End to End

Consumers want to trust the water they consume. Data users demand the same. Quality control and testing can be costly and prone to errors when performed manually. Automated solutions, like Validatar, our automated data testing solution lower the cost and mitigates errors, allowing organizations to test broadly and often.

Data Governance

Governance Provides a Framework

According to Gartner, over 60% of Data Warehouse projects fail due to lack of or poor execution of data governance initiatives. We can help eliminate the common pitfalls many organizations encounter when trying to create and implement data governance across their organizations.  Learn more about our recommended approach for clients wanting to implement or improve their Data Governance solution.

Connect with us

Supporting Software Platforms/Technology

At Teknion, we believe in empowering self-service analytics and leveraging automation through software technology, enabling clients to get to better data, better insights, better results, faster. To achieve this, we recommend and license the best in class industry software platforms.