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Data Science

data science: noun

  1. The process in which a scientific approach is applied to data to improve data, extract insights, reveal truths, and make better decisions.
  2. AKA Advanced Analytics, Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence


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Data Science is analogous to a series of scientific experiments – designed to discover, test and learn, unlock new insights and to advance a deeper understanding of a problem or a question. As organizations evolve, their ability to advance analytical skills from descriptive to predictive to prescriptive is crucial for their success. Organizations that fail to evolve their analytics programs will not be able to compete with those that are predicting outcomes and truly influencing outcomes through advanced analytics.

Want to maintain your competitive edge? If so, start thinking about your Data Science practice now! It isn’t as hard as it used to be, however, getting started, selecting the right tools and empowering your organization can be daunting.

This is where Teknion can help. Our expertise, coupled with the right strategy, the right technology and the right services will make developing and implementing a Data Science solution faster, less costly and deliver deeper insights from your data.

Here’s how we do it.


Strategy First.

Data Science, like any scientific process, starts with understanding the problems and questions you are trying to solve or answer. We have designed our Predictive Analytics Readiness Assessment to do just that – help you get started with a good data science strategy.

Through the Assessment, we gain an understanding of the business problem(s) and challenge(s) you are facing, the data you have, the data you need, which predictive model might be right for you, the right way to integrate a model into your environment and a recommendation of the best tools and software platforms to achieve the expected results.

Predictive Analytics

Modeling the Future.

Predictive Analytics is the process of taking your data and building models that help predict or forecast the outcome of one or more variables. Today the industry has developed hundreds of model frameworks. Knowing which predictive model(s) to utilize is at the heart of a successful Data Science program. The process of designing, building, feature engineering and model validation is a crucial part of predictive analytics. Our Data Scientists can help you streamline this process.

Equally as important, is the ability to effectively deploy a model into production. Historically, a high percentage of models never reach the point that they influence the businesses behavior. Put your models to work! Our team can assist you in ensuring your models are deployed effectively within your work streams.

AI & Machine Learning

Automate the Learning Process.

Designing and implementing automated systems for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning within your organizations require unique expertise. Companies can spend millions of dollars on AI or Machine Learning solutions, only to deliver sub-optimal results with little to no return on their investment.

Through a well curated strategy, the right automation software, coupled with our expertise and leadership, we help companies design and implement successful AI and Machine Learning solutions. These solutions deliver deeper insights and an ROI that will satisfy the most conservative CFO.

Data Scientists On-Demand

Our Data Scientists Are Standing By To Help.

Data Scientists are in high demand, in short supply and can be costly to hire and retain as full-time employees. We can help.

Need a Data Scientist to get your program started? Want to supplement your current team of Data Scientists to catch up on the project back log? Need to provide expertise to your current Citizen Data Scientists?

Teknion offers a fractional Data Scientist model (“Data Scientists on Demand”) approach to clients, parachuting in our Data Scientists to provide guidance, kick-off an initiative or tackle that extensive back-log. Not only do our Data Scientists have the credentials and expertise, they also have access to the tools and platforms that can streamline and automate processes, providing a significantly improved time to value.

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