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Integrated Apps

Integrated apps: noun

  1. The process of providing or delivering information and insights derived from your data where it can enable better decision making and improved results.
  2. AKA Embedded Analytics

Consumption increases with convenience. As modern municipal water systems began delivering clean drinking water into houses, people were able to simply turn on the tap and fill their glass. Then, the packaging of water (i.e. water bottles) made it easier for people to consume water on the go, away from their houses. In both instances, these modern conveniences drove the increase in water consumption. The easier it is for consumers to access.

The same holds true with information and insights derived from data. The easier it is to consume, the more data consumers (employees, clients, stakeholders, etc.) will use those insights and information to drive better decision-making.

How do you do that? You get it out of systems only a few people can access. You provide information individual consumers need—no more, no less—and you deliver it where they work. Simply put, if you want people to use information and insights from your data, you make it easy for them to access and consume. You deliver it where they are already working and not yet another “thing” they have to log into. 

This is where Teknion can help. Our expertise lies in understanding you and your business. This expertise, coupled with the right strategy, the right technology and the right services will enable you to put the right information and insights into the hands of your data consumers, empowering them to make better decisions and deliver better results.

Here’s how we do it.


Strategy first.

Where will the information and insight derived from your data provide the most value to your organization? Where in the process does a data consumer need specific information to make an informed decision? Which decisions can be automated if the “system” had the right information? Asking and answering these types of strategic questions will help to develop a roadmap for an integrated analytics strategy.

Through a Strategic Data Assessment, we gain an understanding of your vision, people and processes and the current “state” of your data and supporting technologies. Through a series of interviews and discovery we help companies ask and answer the right strategic questions, like those above. We then digest and analyze, developing recommendations on the best way to deliver an integrated analytics solution.

Embedded Analytics

Deliver insights where they are already working.

Companies that deliver information within an existing workflow or process, find greater utilization by their data consumers than those introducing “yet another thing” for their team to access and learn.

Patient care staff (doctors and nurses) want patient re-admit prediction data in a patient’s record when they are visiting patients. Loan officers want risk of default information in the loan processing workflow when they are reviewing applications.

Teknion can help embed your analytics where they will be used. Our expertise lies in the ability to integrate analytics into existing applications and as needed, to develop custom applications and portals, putting the information in the hands of your people where they are already working.

Process & Workflow Automation

Automate your decision making.

We believe strongly in the power of self-serve analytics. Combined with automation they are core pillars in how we empower clients to do more with their data. But even the best companies with self-service solutions need to provide a starter kit for their users to drive greater utilization and value. Providing an initial portfolio of dashboards for each user community to get them into the data faster, allowing them to explore and start asking the next level of “what if” questions from their data will pay dividends. In addition, providing branded department templates helps drive consistency and enablement throughout your organization.

Teknion has consultants at the ready that can jump in, working alongside your team to build out the initial portfolio of dashboards. In addition, we can develop departmental dashboard templates that will fast start your self-service users, streamlining their creation of dashboards that will lead them to better insights and better results.


Gateway to information and insights

With a proliferation of BI and visualization tools and a continually growing bombardment of information, business consumers need insights packaged and delivered as cleanly as possible. Portals are a great way to provide streamlined access to information and insights for your data consumers. Whether you are trying to create a highly branded experience, or you want to securely share data and insights with external customers and partners a portal may provide the right solution.

Custom Application Development

Build it for your data consumer

Making it easier for your data consumers to access and consume data may require a new application or portal be designed and built. Our expertise in data analytics helps inform how to design and build the right customized application for the data consumer.

There are many companies that purport they build custom applications, but many lack an understanding of the data and analytics ecosystem. To deliver an integrated data and analytics solution, that understanding matters. From security to UX design; analytic platform expertise to customized information routing, we have the knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver.

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Supporting Software Platforms/Technology

At Teknion, we believe in empowering self-service analytics and leveraging automation through software technology, enabling clients to get to better data, better insights, better results, faster. To achieve this, we recommend and license the best in class industry software platforms.