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Visual Analytics

visual analytics: noun

  1. The science of analytical reasoning supported by interactive visual interfaces
  2. AKA Data visualization, visual exploration and visual storytelling.

The quote “A picture is worth a thousand words” (Fred Barnard-1920) is more relevant today than ever before. Every day we suffer from information overload and many times we miss the most important information, or insight, that really matters.

As more data becomes available through advancement and expansion of data analytics practices, companies are compounding the information overload problem. Rather than adding to the noise, we need to provide information and insight to our employees, customers and stakeholders in a clear and actionable format.

This is where Teknion can help. Our expertise, coupled with the right strategy, the right technology and the right services will make developing and implementing a Visual Analytics program faster, less costly and deliver better data, better insights and better results.

Here’s how we do it.


Strategy first

All great artists start with a vision of the masterpiece they want to create. They will think of the audience (consumers), the materials (data) the medium (form & format) and how it will convey their vision (story). Their creative process can take years or minutes depending upon the artist and the creative vision (story) they are trying to convey.

To create great visual analytics, we must go through that same creative process. Too often, data analysts start building out visuals without a real understanding of the audience, the data and the story they are trying to tell. The result — visualizations that might look great, but fail to deliver actionable insights, leaving the consumer with more noise and inability to make decisions that have real impact on the business.

Teknion leverages Design Thinking Workshops with our clients to help them streamline their visual design strategy process. By asking the right questions, evaluating current reporting and understanding your data consumer’s needs, we help our clients develop the framework for impactful visual designs. Our expertise? We have several visual designers and two Tableau Zen Masters on staff. They live and breathe visual design and know how to guide our clients through the process.

Rapid Prototyping

Sketch like an artist

Many artists will sketch before they paint, sculpt or forge. Sketching allows them to quickly visualize the piece they want to create. It helps them determine which medium might best convey their vision, allowing them to add and remove elements, make adjustments for size and scale and determine the best way to translate their creative vision into a piece of art, a consumer will appreciate and understand.

Today’s modern visualization technologies empower users to do their sketching digitally, allowing visual designers to put their “sketches” into the hands of the consumers faster. Through rapid prototyping, companies can validate their strategy, quickly determine if their visualizations will drive actionable insights as well as help them to determine the data they will need earlier in the process as they are building out their data warehouses, data lakes and data vaults.

Rapid prototyping will get your users interacting with their data faster, reduce costs and lead to better data, better insights and better results.

Dashboard Portfolio Creation

Giving Your Self-Service Users A Helping Hand

We believe strongly in the power of self-serve analytics. Combined with automation they are core pillars in how we empower clients to do more with their data. But even the best companies with self-service solutions need to provide a starter kit for their users to drive greater utilization and value. Providing an initial portfolio of dashboards for each user community to get them into the data faster, allowing them to explore and start asking the next level of “what if” questions from their data will pay dividends. In addition, providing branded department templates helps drive consistency and enablement throughout your organization.

Teknion has consultants at the ready that can jump in, working alongside your team to build out the initial portfolio of dashboards. In addition, we can develop departmental dashboard templates that will fast start your self-service users, streamlining their creation of dashboards that will lead them to better insights and better results.

Data Prep

Good data makes everything better.

Some believe you should fix your data as you go. We agree with this principle to a point. However, providing your users with “good” data enables them to spend more time analyzing, developing insights and driving impactful changes and less time “wrangling” data.

How do we empower our users to do more with data? Starting with well thought out data structure, or a portfolio of structures and making this data easily available to your data analysts is a good start. Layer on the right self-service data prep tools, like Alteryx and Tableau Prep, and the effectiveness of your visual analytics program will increase greatly.

Not sure how to get your arms around providing “good data?" Teknion can help. Whether it is ensuring your data is architected correctly, providing access to the data for your users or you need help evaluating and implementing the right data prep tools, we have the expertise and experience to help your company deliver better data, better insights and better results.

Embedded Analytics

Deliver insights where we are already working

Great visual analytics won’t meet the needs of your data consumers if the information is not provided to them where they are already working. Companies that deliver information within an existing workflow or process, find greater utilization by their data consumers than those introducing “yet another thing” for their team to access and learn.

Patient care staff (doctors and nurses) want patient re-admit prediction data in a patient’s record when they are visiting patients. Loan officers want risk of default information in the loan processing workflow when they are reviewing applications.

Teknion can help embed your visual analytics where they will be used. Our expertise encompasses helping companies develop a great visual analytics practice, but also includes the ability to develop applications and portals, putting the information in the hands of your people where they are already working.

Tableau Visionary at Your Service

Leverage The Visionary

All of our visual analytics consultants are top notch, providing you with best in class knowledge and expertise. However, we have the distinct honor of having a Tableau Visionary (formerly known as Tabealu Master) ( Joshua Milligan) on our team. We leverage his unique Tableau expertise to ensure our clients and consultants are always the most up to date on the capabilities of Tableau and how they can use it to drive a deeper understanding of data. Through our "Visionary Office Hours" you can access our Tableau Visionary to help with your visual analytics challenges. Let us know how they can help.

Connect with us

Supporting Software Platforms/Technology

At Teknion, we believe in empowering self-service analytics and leveraging automation through software technology, enabling clients to get to better data, better insights, better results, faster. To achieve this, we recommend and license the best in class industry software platforms.