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Dermira, Inc.

Growing Biopharmaceutical Company Leverages Teknion and Tableau to Create An Informed Commercial Organization



About Client:

Menlo Park, CA
What Client Does:

Dermira is a biopharmaceutical company focused on bringing medical dermatology to the general public.

Solution Focus:
Commercial Analytics in Tableau

"The sales field and leadership was blown away with the visualizations that Teknion was able to create and the dashboards made a big impact on our metrics for tracking sales results for increased insight generation.  Due to the great success we had with Teknion our Marketing and Market Access teams immediately requested Teknion efforts on their end.”

Matthew Panos - Sr. Manager, Sales Analytics - Dermira, Inc.
Dermira’s History of Data+Tableau

Dermira purchased Tableau as they prepared to launch their first drug, QBREXZA. They engaged with a large pharmaceutical consulting company to create an initial set of reporting dashboards for their sales representatives. Dermira's team was disappointed by the speed and quality of the set of dashboards created, wasn't observing high engagement with the reports from their field, and quickly found themselves stuck in an expensive and inflexible support contract. It was time for them to find a consultancy that would truly partner with them to improve their organization's use of data.

Engagement 1 – Field Management Dashboards

Having previously worked with Teknion at another pharmaceutical company, Dermira’s Senior Director of Commercial Analytics partnered with Teknion in hopes of speeding up the dashboard development cycle. The initial task was to provide insight to their divisional and regional leaders in dealing with the performance of their Territory Managers. 

Teknion was able to quickly build a suite of Field Management dashboards in Tableau, custom-designed to elegantly answer Dermira’s business questions. These dashboards are used to help management understand who their top reps are, which territories are growing most rapidly, and what strategies successful reps are employing. Through a highly iterative development cycle, a set of beautiful, informative, and custom dashboards was delivered in two weeks.

How Did This Help Dermira's Business Improve? Through monitoring performance across District and Regions, Dermira can understand who their top performers are and portions of their success. They then take this knowledge to empower the top reps and share best practices across their team. 

Dermira Dashboard 1

Dashboards are the property of Dermira, and shown here with approval from Dermira. All underlying data has been obfuscated.


Engagement 2 – Field Sales Dashboards

Dermira Dashboard 2

Dermira Dashboard 3

Dashboards are the property of Dermira, and shown here with approval from Dermira. All underlying data has been obfuscated.

As the management team used their dashboards more and more, a trend emerged: managers started requesting access for their teams to see and use the Field management dashboards in lieu of the field reports created by their first consulting firm. 

The Dermira team collectively was ready for a new and improved set of Field Sales Dashboards that were on par with the Field Management Dashboards, and they opted to turn to Teknion to develop these new and improved Dashboards. This suite of field sales dashboards are entirely owned by Dermira and highly customizable. They focus on metrics related to Scripts (NRx, TRx), Writers (New Writers, Total Writers), and Calls (Attainment, Reach, Frequency).

In the development cycle, Teknion advised their data warehouse development team on the datasets and structures required to produce the new suite of dashboards. In a matter of months, Dermira was able to move to an entirely new suite of dashboards for either field in their own Tableau Online environment. 

The growing trust between Dermira and Teknion allowed for an ongoing, willful relationship to develop. The Dermira Sales Team depended on Teknion to build and maintain the majority of their Tableau dashboards, to provide frequent mentorship regarding best practices for Tableau and the connected data sources, and to manage and support Dermira’s entire dashboard and data source repository on Tableau Online. Today, Dermira relies on Teknion to ensure that their field reporting is accurate, performant, and helpful.

How Did This Help Dermira's Business Improve? With the Field Management Dashboards accessible on their iPads and phones, territory managers were able to stay highly informed on their performance and the behavior of their key HCPs. The high accessibility to data allowed territory managers to have the right conversations with the right HCPs at the right time. 


Engagement 3 – Commercial Insights and Operations

The continued trust and satisfaction with Teknion led to another engagement with the Dermira Commercial Insights & Operations team where Dermira entrusted Teknion to create dashboards centered around the performance of their key marketing efforts. These dashboards explored the effect that Dermira’s marketing efforts had on influencing customers’ decisions to switch hyperhidrosis products or to increase utilization of copay cards and eVouchers.



Dermira Today

Dermira's Commercial organization boasts a collection of beautiful, customized, and engaging Tableau dashboards that can be easily edited, analyzed, and interpreted. 

From top to bottom, Dermira is using dashboards to make data-driven decisions every day. Even their most technologically hesitant territory managers are leveraging Tableau to understand their performance and explore the behaviors of HCPs in their territory. The insights generated by their dashboards provide Dermira with the confidence to make important decisions, improve their organization as a whole, increase their footprint in the biotech + dermatology sphere, and ultimately become a more data-driven company.


Engagement Summary
  • Elimination of fixed monthly fee, costly retainer, and constant change orders to access dashboards; $20k-$40k of monthly savings from prior consulting firm
  • Key Deliverables Created
    • Field Management Dashboards
    • Field Sales Dashboards
    • PCP KPI Dashboards
    • SwitchAdd Analysis
    • PBM/MCO Ad-Hoc Dashboards
    • Payer Claims Insights Dashboards
    • Delivered Tableau Training to home office team
  • Dashboard Engagement: 5,000+ views per month (avg. 40+ views/user)
  • All dashboards, data sources, and documentation created is the intellectual property of Dermira

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