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Company Info

Location: St. Augustine, FL

Company: Flagler Hospital

Industry: Healthcare

Size: Regional hospital with 300-400 beds; 10,000-15,000 admissions

Date Started: 2012

Date Completed: Ongoing

Data Problems: Inadequate access to data; lack of a data warehouse; no BI roadmap or strategy; replacing legacy EMR system; too much time spent on manual activities.

Data Solutions: Building a data warehouse with rich Tableau dashboards and data visualization; developing a five-year roadmap; consulting on how to leverage core skills, technologies and processes necessary for enterprise BI.


In 2012, Flagler Hospital contracted Teknion Data Solutions to assess their decision support and data warehouse needs. At the time, the Decision Support department was just coming into being. There were elements of tools and processes necessary for enterprise BI, but these were immature and not strategically aligned to develop or deliver a BI strategy. Reporting and analytical studies for departments across the hospital were not standardized and required time-consuming manual activities.

The implementation of Allscripts brought many changes to the hospital and, in particular, a need for an enterprise data warehouse. Flagler engaged Teknion to work with its decision support team to develop a multi-year strategy for data. Teknion developed a five-year roadmap for the hospital, established an architectural foundation, trained and mentored internal team members and helped communicate the vision to hospital executives.

Following the initial engagement, Teknion assisted in selection of tools for data warehouse automation (WhereScape) and for data visualization (Tableau). Flagler has also engaged Teknion to build numerous subject areas into the Data Warehouse.


The hospital now has insights into its operation unlike anything they had ever seen before, improving operations in the following ways: 

  • Tracked key metrics including Finance, HR, Operations, Supply Chain.
  • Improved patient experiences and customer satisfaction.
  • Reduced the number of patients leaving ED without being seen (10’s of thousands of dollars of monthly ROI)
  • Identified patients at risk for being readmitted later (Medicare compliance)
  • High-level data visibility for executive decision making
  • Data visualization and analysis have become core (mission critical) components to the hospital.

Teknion has become a trusted development partner providing valuable development services for the past five years.


What the client had to say

“We had a healthcare consultant on site last week and he said that what we have done is amazing. We were able to answer 100% of his questions about our business while he was sitting there. Most from the DW! Now that’s efficient!”

Billy Burns
Director, Decision Support