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Company Info

Location: Flower Mound, TX

Company: ResponsiveEd

Industry: Education

Size: 70+ schools, 23,000 students and 2,370 educators

Data Problems: Lack of relevant data visibility for economically disenfranchised students; inability to leverage value out of existing generic data warehouse.

Data Solutions: Automating the data warehouse with WhereScape; consolidating data; implementing data visualization software (Tableau).


In early 2014, ResponsiveEd received federal funding to improve visibility and provide near real‐time status and actionable information on things like academic progress, standardized test preparation/results and program compliance of at-risk and economically disadvantaged students.

All levels of decision makers—teachers, directors, regional staff, district staff and parents— needed visibility for the purpose of planning/allocating resources, proactively engaging at risk students and developing new or modified academic plans. The diversity of schools, and systems across multiple states created challenges for a central data repository. Early attempts to consolidate the data had proven difficult to build, fragile to maintain and business rules often existed only in the heads of key individuals.

ResponsiveEd engaged Teknion to solve these problems. After assessing its needs, Teknion proposed a solution based on WhereScape RED’s data warehouse automation tool, which enabled rapid development and documentation, along with Tableau’s Desktop and Server tools for data visualization. Teknion designed the data warehouse using industry-standard techniques such as Kimball-style dimensional modeling. Complexities such as multi-district and multi-state requirements were modeled to allow blended reporting across all schools in all states, districts and brands.

Because of federally mandated restrictions, the initial project had to be completed in less than four months. Teknion’s team worked closely with ResponsiveEd’s technical and business users to install, architect, design and implement the WhereScape and Tableau platforms.

Subsequent to the initial project, ResponsiveEd received additional funding to expand the analytic capabilities and Teknion was engaged in 2015 to enhance the Data Warehouse and develop rich interactive executive dashboards.



This project enabled ResponsiveEd’s user community unprecedented access to data. Financial reporting is now consolidated across schools, districts and states. Academic progress can be monitored using an array of actionable metrics. At-risk and economically disadvantaged students are less likely to fall through the cracks.

ResponsiveEd has analytical visibility into schools in two states and is preparing to expand into other states. The Data Warehouse provides them with reporting and analytical capabilities multiple education systems, which allows for easy evaluation of performance and identification of prescriptive actions that need to be taken.