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Company Info

Location: Dallas, TX

Company: Revelation MD

Industry: Healthcare

Data Problems: Needed a way to track patient care across multiple providers and to generate appropriate reporting for patient episodic care.

Data Solutions: Built a custom application which connects providers across platforms to track patients and connect employers to providers.  Developed a reporting data warehouse to produce peer-comparative reporting and tracks patient episodes of care.

Business Background

  • revelationMD is a global supplier of healthcare IT solutions that empower physicians within the healthcare industry
  • revelationMD outsourced their entire systems development and infrastructure to Teknion



  • Built a system which connects providers across system platforms, tracks patient movement between providers and connects employers to providers.
  • Developed a reporting Data Warehouse that produces peer-comparative reporting and tracks patient episodes of care.


  • Developed Web-based products that include a referral tracking system, a carrier specific information/reporting portal and an employer to physician connectivity portal.
  • Created an industry-unique integration capability that streamlines data exchange with any provider system
  • Delivered better than a 2:1 return on investment to Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas through the revelationMD provider performance portal in less than 1 year
  • Successfully completed the Proof of Concept phase in 1st year of existence
  • Achieved 2% market penetration and 12% market reach in 1st year of sales


"We have worked with revelationMD for over two years to warehouse online reporting which is presented to physicians and medical groups. We have found their services to be outstanding and representing a high end understanding of secure medical transactions as well as web-based reporting technology."

Director of Performance Reimbursement
Blue Cross Blue Shield