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Data Governance By Design

Start With A Question

The right scope, scale, and approach for Data Governance practice depends on your business culture, organizational structure, systems architecture, and technology infrastructure.

A few questions to jump start your thinking:

  • What percentage of your leaders, management, and frontline employees recognize and treat data as an asset?
  • Are information policies and strategic roadmaps created through collaboration with a goal of optimizing the balance between data risks and rewards to the organization?
  • Is data easy to find and reuse across departments under proper access control, or are they hoarded in silos, exists in fragmented out-of-synch copies, and difficult to integrate?
  • Do you have a plan to leverage modern cloud data to leapfrog legacy data issues, and to scale & accelerate innovation against competitors?

Collaboration:   Key To Successful Data Governance


As cross functional leaders with different sets of objectives, risks, and compliance requirements share the same limited pool of resources, they need a collaborative lean and agile governance framework.


DG_Stakeholder Matrix Graphic


Data Governance Framework


Data Governance is the orchestration of policy, people, process, and solution to ensure appropriate management and control of data and information assets throughout the data pipeline. The ultimate purpose of Data Governance is to enable the organization to maximize business value, minimize risk, comply with regulations, and safeguard reputation.




Our Approach

With end-to-end expertise in data integration, warehousing, business intelligence, and data science, Teknion is uniquely positioned to help you address the different use cases and business requirements of Data Governance for your organization.


DG_Teknion Approach_Graphic


Want To Talk About "Data Governance By Design"?

Teknion has the expertise and resources to help you with your Data Governance initiatives.

Whether a strategic design workshop, Data Governance assessment or helping with execution and delivery we are here to help!