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Data Pipeline Webinar Series

DP - Data Pipeline Strategy


Data Pipeline Strategy

Explore what makes a successful data pipeline strategy and how it fits in the context of an overall data and analytics strategy...

Occurred february 27, 2020
Archived Webinar
DP - Automating Data Quality and Wellness with Validatar
automating data quality & wellness with validatar
Discover how Validatar, our Automated Data QA platform can streamline your data warehouse projects and improve your organization's trust in data...
Occurred April 2, 2020
Archived Webinar
DP - Explore Matillion


Explore Matillion - Load. Transform. Accelerate.

Accelerate your data pipeline strategy and learn more about our partner, Matillion, and their cloud native ETL products that...

Occurred April 29, 2020
Archived Webinar

DP - Explore Snowflake Updated

Explore Snowflake as a data platform & for data sharing

One of the hottest commodities on the market, learn about our partner, Snowflake, and their Cloud Data Warehouse offering that...

Occurred July 8, 2020
Archived Webinar

DP - Digital Transformation with WhereScape

Digital Transformation with WhereScape

Data is an essential key to successful Digital Transformation, but it can only add business value to your existing stack can support it...

Occurred July 15, 2020
Archived Webinar

DP - Cloud Strategy and Data Pipeline

Cloud Strategy & data pipeline

Explore how your Cloud Strategy should impact your Data Pipeline choices and how the right approach can allow you to thrive with change rather than struggle...


occurred August 26, 2020
Archived Webinar

DP - How Modern Data Stacks Power Agile Analytics with Fivetran

How Modern Data Stacks power agile analytics with Fivetran

Explore how current technologies have redefined the modern data stack and how you can utilize cutting-edge tools to power your....

Occurred November 19, 2020
Archived Webinar

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