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Data Science Webinar Series

DS - Simplifying Time Series with DataRobot

Simplifying time series with datarobot

Many have seen the power of DataRobot for machine learning. But have you seen its power with time series... 

Occurred April 22, 2020
Archived Webinar
DS - How to select a model for predictive analytics
How to select a model for predictive analytics

You have the data. You know that you need to conduct predictive analytics. But, how to select a model... 

Occurred May 20, 2020
Archived Webinar

DS - Prepping for predictive- Getting data ready for advanced analytics

Prepping for predictive

What does my data need to look like before I start predictive analytics? What are some of the pitfalls of just throwing all of my data into an analysis without first cleaning... 

occurred June 17, 2020
Archived Webinar

DS - Overcoming model failure- Diagnosing the reasons why a model isnt working in Alteryx

Overcoming model failure

Have you ever thought you had the right model selected only to see an odd error code and a failure to run? These codes have meaning... 

Occurred August 19, 2020
Archived Webinar

DS - Selecting the best model in Alteryx- Testing competing models and diagnostics

Selecting the best model in alteryx

You picked a model, but how do you know it is the right one? In this session... 

Occurred September 23, 2020
Archived Webinar

DS - Identifying seasonal data with time series in Alteryx

Identifying seasonal data with time series in alteryx

Identifying seasonal trends inside time series data can be difficult. Forecasting those trends can prove even trickier... 

Occurred October 22, 2020
Archived Webinar

DS - What Every Executive Should Know About Data Science

What Every executive should know about data Science

Thinking about starting a data science program for your company? Interested in helping your organization make better decisions based on historical data...

OCCURRED November 18, 2020
Archived Webinar

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