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Children's Hospital Association

CHA Leverages Teknion's SDA Framework To Save Over $2M Annually

Client Bio

Industry:                    Healthcare

Location:                   Kansas City, KS

What They Do:        The Children's Hospital Association (CHA) advances child health through innovation in the quality, cost and delivery of care with their children’s hospitals. Representing more than 220 children’s hospitals, they are the voice of children’s hospitals nationally. 

Website:.                www.childrenshospitals.org

Solution Focus:         Data Strategy


"Engaging a company like Teknion and leveraging their SDA process made a big impact on getting buy-in across the CHA organization"

Lori Hotzel| CIO Children's Hospital Association


Client's Unique Data Challenge

CHA had a vision of taking their data & analytics program to the next level and the ability to get data to their customers quicker. This was a great vision but they quickly realized their data infrastructure was dated and they needed to take a step back to look at this initiative more holistically.  

While potential migration to the cloud was under consideration, many in the organization were concerned with security and compliance requirements.

Lastly, building consensus and getting buy-in across the CHA organization was going to be a challenge.


Teknion's Approach

To assist CHA with developing a plan to implement an extensive Data & Analytics Transformation, Teknion introduced our Strategic Data Assessment (SDA) framework.  

The SDA framework is a Teknion developed approach to thoroughly understanding a client's data challenges and systematically evaluating areas of the organization that will lead to a more impactful transformation to the organization.

Areas we cover in the SDA Framework include:

  • People & Processes
  • Data Models & Structures
  • Data Architecture & Platforms
  • Visual Analytics & Reporting
  • Advanced Analytics

Upon completion of the evaluation, we provided a comprehensive presentation and detailed report to CHA's data transformation initiative steering committee.

SDA Recommendations

As part of the SDA process, Teknion provided CHA with a set of recommendations to consider as they undertake their data transformation journey.

Leveraging Snowflake To Move To The Cloud Faster:

To scale quickly, while still addressing CHA's security and compliance concerns, we recommended moving CHA's data warehouse to Snowflake.

New Data Architecture:

CHA realized their legacy data structure was not going to get them to the next level of data transformation.  By recommending restructuring the data to ensure consistency across disparate data sources, creating new meta data elements and a mechanism to monitor and improve data quality.

Consolidation Of Visual Analytics Tools:

CHA had stakeholders using different Visual Analytics tools.  We recommended standardizing their go forward visual analytics platform to Tableau to reduce both overall spend and reduce support complexities.

Comprehensive Roadmap:

Understanding CHA's objectives and constraints on their organization, Teknion worked with CHA to co-develop a comprehensive road map, project plan and budget.  This comprehensive plan enabled the CHA team to gain consensus across the organization, articulate success criteria with "Quick Wins" and to outline a multi-year investment schedule that was feasible for the organization.

Client's Wow Outcome

The SDA Framework helped CHA to develop a comprehensive plan and get the entire organization on the same page as to the vision and what the data transformation journey would entail.  

By leveraging the SDA Framework CHA:

  • Identified over $2M in annual tech stack savings per year
  • Decreased Reporting Cycles From Quarterly To Monthly
  • Gained consensus & buy-in across the organization
  • Developed a Multi-Phase Roadmap
  • Envisioned a new End To End Data Architecture structure
  • Illustrated to key executives  how to securely move CHA to the Cloud faster
  • Demonstrated a clear ROI and increased Time To Value 
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