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Industry Solutions

At Teknion, we bring the expertise, solutions and a collaborative approach to help each of our clients solve their unique data challenge, deriving better data, better insights, better results.

Whether you are in healthcare, financial services, transportation, education, utilities and energy, insurance or marketing, or one of the many other industries that keep our economy moving, we want to help you unlock the truth hidden within your data.

Explore each of our Industry Solutions

Image for Healthcare


Whether you are trying to lower patient re-admit rates, introduce and manage value based payments, trying to solve operational challenges, securing your data or driving total consumer health initiatives, Teknion understands the power of data.

Image for Financial Services

Financial Services

Financial Services organizations drive the world's economy. Whether you are a local, regional or multi-national bank or are buying and selling in the global capital markets you need access to data.

Image for Transportation


In order to keep planes in the air, buses on schedule, ships sailing and trains leaving the station, you need access to the right data at the right time to make informed decisions. Teknion understands your world.

Image for Education


Whether you are powering life-changing research, deciding which applicants to accept for next year's freshman class or managing class schedules, Teknion brings the expertise, solutions and a collaborative approach to help our Educational institution clients solve their unique data challenges.

Image for Marketing Services

Marketing Services

The role of data plays a critical role into today's digital marketing world. Data you need to make better decisions and data you can share with your clients to show how you are helping them attract, acquire and retain customers.

Image for Insurance


From underwriting lives to providing the financial backstop for the world's businesses, access to data to make informed decisions is critical to running your business successfully.

Image for Utilities & Energy

Utilities & Energy

You keep cars on the road, industries creating products and the lights on in our homes. Whether you are a producer, refiner, in distribution or a marketer, the world relies on you to power our days and nights. To do this, you need to make critical decisions every day.

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