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Alteryx: The Thrill of Solving

As a leader in analytic process automation (APA), Alteryx unifies analytics, data science and process automation in one, end-to-end platform to accelerate digital transformation and rapidly upskill the modern workforce. The Alteryx APA Platform™ provides hundreds of automation building blocks for data prep and blending, diagnostic and predictive analytics, autoML, and code-free data science.

The self-service platform requires no specialized skillsets and is designed to put automation in the hands of all data workers; it can automate analytics and data science pipelines, manage complex data-centric business processes and deliver actionable insights to stakeholders in every line of business. Thousands of organizations globally use Alteryx to deliver quick wins and high-impact business outcomes. For more information visit www.alteryx.com

The Alteryx Platform

The Alteryx Platform consists of four (4) key products:


Alteryx Designer streamlines the process by delivering a repeatable workflow for self-service data analytics, leading to deeper insights in hours, not weeks. Alteryx Designer empowers data analysts by combining data preparation, data blending, and analytics – predictive, statistical, and spatial — using the same intuitive user interface.

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Alteryx Server provide self-service data analytics, it’s IT friendly too. With 24/7 dependability and advanced administration options, you can avoid costly business interruptions and potential security issues. It’s the fastest and easiest way to deploy data-intensive analytics across your organization. And with built in APIs and macros, you can integrate Alteryx processes directly into other internal and external applications easily for additional extensibility.

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Alteryx Connect changes how you discover and organize information for analytics in your organization, so you can spend more time collaborating and finding new insights. We are at the beginning of a thrilling analytic experience that combines the power of data cataloging with human insight and empowers you to quickly and easily find, manage, understand, and collaborate on the information that resides in your organization.

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Alteryx Promote helps analytic teams deploy more predictive models faster by eliminating the need to recode models for real-time application consumption. Data scientists can quickly deploy their custom R and Python models as-is, while citizen data scientists can deploy advanced analytics code-free from Alteryx Designer — providing the flexibility and reliability needed to advance your analytics to the next level. 

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Alteryx's platform allows for integrated tools, macros and connectors to be developed to enhance  and streamline a user's ability to dig deeper into the data and connect to other solutions. Teknion has created the Teknion Toolkit for Alteryx, and a set of Predictive Macros, both free of charge to assist users in doing more with the Alteryx platform.

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