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Harness AI to Create Predictive Models in Hours, Not Months

At Teknion, we know you value translating your data sets into useful predictive data models as fast and efficiently as possible — so you can make the most informed, decisive decisions for your business. DataRobot is an automated machine learning platform that leverages state-of-the-art AI to build highly accurate predictive models in record time.

By dramatically speeding up the process to create models, businesses can interpret and respond to their data when it’s most useful. Analysts, developers and data professionals can take advantage of DataRobot’s intuitive AI to make models — all created using best practices from top data scientists — in a matter of hours rather than the standard turnaround of several weeks.

Additionally, DataRobot takes out the guesswork for selecting the correct predictive model for specific data sets. The platform automatically compares models built with Python, R, Spark, H20 and other machine learning frameworks to help you select the most optimal option.

Why DataRobot is Changing the Industry:

  • Create models for wide or large data sets in minutes
  • Constant updates with best-in-class algorithms
  • Ease of use for professionals of all skill levels in machine learning
  • No need to score code, the DataRobot API generates it for you
  • Can turn a data analyst into a data scientist

Through DataRobot’s Cloud feature, you can also access all the features of the platform without the need for in-house hardware. There is no sacrifice of performance when using DataRobot through the cloud and DataRobot strictly adheres to data protection standards to keep your data safe from prying eyes. This options helps keep your costs low while users can still harness the full potential of the DataRobot platform.


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