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Snowflake: The Data Warehouse Built For The Cloud

Snowflake, is the only Data Warehouse built for the Cloud. Conventional data warehouses and big data solutions struggle to deliver on their fundamental purpose: to make it easy to amass all your data, enable rapid analytics, and derive data-driven insights for all your business users.

To solve that, Snowflake built a new SQL data warehouse from the ground up for the cloud. It’s designed with a patented new architecture to handle all aspects of data and analytics. The result? A data warehouse that delivers the performance, simplicity, concurrency and affordability not possible with other data warehouses.

Snowflake's Unique Attributes:

  • Built For Cloud
  • Unique Architecture
  • Breathtaking Performance
  • Unlimited Concurrency
  • Uncompromising Simplicity
  • Usage Based Pricing

Preview Snowflake

Teknion can demonstrate the power of Snowflake, tailoring the discussion to your needs.

Snowflake Pricing

Teknion is an authorized referral partner of Snowflake. Please contact us for pricing based upon your organization's needs.

Snowflake Proof of Concept (POC)

As a Premier Partner for Snowflake, Teknion can conduct a POC or "managed" trial for your organization, further demonstrating the power of Snowflake's platform.