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Tableau: Changing the way you think about data

Tableau is a leader in the self-service visual data analytics movement.  The Tableau platform helps you transform your data into insights that drive action.

The Tableau Platform

The Tableau Platform consists of four (4) key products:

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Tableau Server:

Tableau Server extends the value of your data across your entire organization.

  • Data To The People-Responsibly
  • Ask Questions with Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • All of Your Data In One Place
  • Governance That Empowers The Business
  • Security Your Way

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Tableau Desktop:

Tableau Desktop fuels live visual analytics to enable unlimited data exploration.

  • Actionable Insights Fast
  • Connect To More Data
  • Answer Deeper Questions
  • Put Your Data On The Map
  • Let Everyone In On It

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Tableau Prep:

Tableau Prep empowers your entire organization to prepare data faster and more intuitively than ever before. It gives your team the tools they need to confidently combine, shape, and clean their data for faster time to insight and better business decisions.

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  • A Complete Picture of Your Data
  • Immediate Results
  • Work Smarter, Work Faster
  • Connect To More Data
  • Stay In The Flow
  • Share and Run Flows On Your Server
  • Schedule Your Flows
  • Monitor Flows Across Your Server

Tableau Online:

Tableau Online is your self-service analytics platform fully hosted in the cloud.

  • Share and collaborate in the Cloud
  • Skip The Set-Up Time and Hardware Cost
  • Ask Questions With Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Interact, Edit and Publish On The Web
  • Connect To Any Data Anywhere
  • Access Anywhere, Embed Everywhere
  • Stay Secure By Design and Default

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