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TIM, powered by Instant ML

TIM, a ML engine developed by Tangent Works, delivers instant business value through automated, accurate and lightning fast predictive analytics.


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1_The value of InstantML


The value of Instant ML

The real and immediate value of InstantML is remarkable under normal circumstances, but its true genius is how it can help companies cope during times of turbulence. InstantML is a true paradigm shift well beyond automated machine learning because the entire process to build and deploy a predictive model is completed by TIM in just a single step.

It is 100x faster than other approaches, while delivering very high accuracy. What used to take data scientists weeks or months can now be accomplished in seconds. This powerful predictive capability allows companies to adjust to changing conditions in real-time while creating an early warning system to detect when things deviate from normal.

Seeing is believing when it comes to the lightning-fast speed of InstantML. See how easy, accurate and fast predictive, AI-enabled forecasting can be for all types of businesses.

New InstantML business applications and use cases are added to our use case library every month. Imagine what InstantML could do for your business!

Why Build Your Predictive Analytics Business?

"Those that are fast to adopt AI and ML in their organizations will outperform their peers by 122% over the next 10 years."  - McKinsey

Key Challenges

- There is a huge struggle to move AI and ML projects to production.

- Most organizations still lack the necessary skills to leverage ML to bring business value.

- Changing data and business environments often cause tremendous data drifts, and render masses of ML models obsolete.


2_Key Challenges



TIM Solution


TIM Solution

As a predictive modeling game changer for forecasting and anomaly detection, InstantML supports business users with its focus on value creation and ease of use. With TIM, predictive analytics initiatives go beyond experimenting, to production in a fast, accurate, automate, flexible and explainable way.

InstantML creates a paradigm shift beyond AutoML, since all steps - including feature engineering, model building and tuning, back testing and model selection - are reduced to one single step.

“TIM’s unique level of automation and speed allows us to remove the complexity of data science and provide easy-to-use and explainable AI for scalable, dynamic and real-time applications.”

Integrating TIM Into Your Analytics Ecosystem

Tangent Works is committed to make the TIM Solution available in world class platforms allowing business users, citizen data scientists and data scientists alike to benefit from advanced time series analysis, namely forecasting and anomaly detection. In line with this vision, TIM is easily available as an extension in various BA & BI platforms.

Use TIM to get even more insights and results from the technologies and platforms you already use and like!


5_TIM on platforms


TIM provides instant business value through automated, accurate and lightning fast predictive analytics!

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