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Improving Trust In Your Data

Modern Data QA Challenges

Modern organizations are dealing with two key challenges related to the accuracy and trustworthiness of the data produced by data pipelines:

  1. Increasing demands for data to inform ever more critical decisions
  2. Rapid acceleration in the diversity of data sources and processes producing data

On one hand, the importance of QA to ensure trust in data has never been higher. On the other hand, the volume and diversity of testing is growing exponentially and making it harder and harder for the QA Analyst to keep up and ensure consistency.

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Validatar Use Cases

Validatar provides the modern Data QA team with the toolset to automate and accelerate their key initiatives in order to keep up with the demands of their organization. Validatar addresses a wide range of data quality and testing use cases with ease.


Testing Data Pipelines End-to-End

Validatar is designed from the ground up to allow for a QA Analyst to easily test data from source all the way to final target or through each transformation step individually. Each test is implemented using a source and target SQL query that gives the analyst full control while maintaining simplicity. 



Keep A Pulse On Your Data Assets

With Validatar you can have tests constantly monitoring the accuracy, integrity, and timeliness of your data. Don't ever be surprised again by the business users being the first to point out a data quality problem that you have seen before. Validatar will alert you any time a test fails. In addition you can track the health of your data over time so you can easily measure progress.



Make Sure Your Data Follows The Rules

Most data pipelines are based on specific business rules being applied to data. Changes in source data or the code deployed to run the data pipeline can frequently break the business rules we have defined. Validatar allows you to ensure that you are the first to know if any business rule changes or is broken.


Data Governance

Don't Assume Compliance

Validatar supports any data governance initiative by providing Data Stewards with a tool to test and monitor that the rules established for the organization's data continue to be followed and enforced. 


Cloud Migration

Ensuring Consistency Through A Transition

Organizations are making the transition to the cloud in ever larger numbers. For many the transition requires significant projects over a period of time. Validatar allows for ongoing automated testing between data assets in the cloud and on-premise to ensure that a full transition is made without sacrificing quality.

The Validatar Platform

Centralized Test Library

Build and store a library of QA tests that can be at the ready to execute, minimizing effort and increasing consistency and accuracy.  Designate which users can access and execute different tests through an easy to use admin tool.

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Scheduler & Execution Engine

Validatar automates the testing process by enabling users to auto trigger test execution scripts, streamlining the process and ensuring tests are performed when needed, every time.

Results Repository

The results of every QA test ran through Validatar are cataloged and stored for easy retrieval by authorized users.  If you need to look at a QA test results over time, the data is just a click away.

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