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Predictive Analytics Readiness Review

Are You Ready?

Do I Need A Predictive Analytics Review?

The answer is yes if you are:

  • Trying to launch a Predictive program from scratch
  • Not sure of the data you need
  • Have a backlog of models to be built and deployed
  • Not seeing the ROI you anticipated
  • Wanting to take your current program to the next level


Our Approach To A Better Predictive Analytics Program

Start with a Predictive Analytics Readiness Review.  Before any recommendations are made on how to improve your organization’s predictive solutions, we start with a review and evaluation to allow us to better understand your business and develop a strategy and a plan that works best for you.  

In our Predictive Analytics Readiness Review, we ask the questions that will determine the right strategy?  What business problems are you trying to solve? What data do you have? What data do you need?  What is the right model to use? Do you have the right tools in place to produce the results you want? How do I put my models to work within my organization? 

The right strategy today will give you much better results tomorrow.

Readiness Review Components

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Problem(s) To Solve

Determine critical problems to be solved or how decision making can be improved to drive better business results for the organization.

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Data Needs

Review and evaluate current data sources, define future needs and ways to fulfill those needs through additional internal or external data sources.

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People & Processes

Review and evaluate teams, structures and processes to evaluate knowledge and expertise and to gauge readiness to support future needs.

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Tools & Technology

Review and evaluate current predictive tools and technology to determine supplemental predictive platforms needed.

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Model Integration

Review and evaluate ability to deploy models and integrate into organizational workflows.

Readiness Review Process

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Digest & Analyze



Develop Recommendations


Delivery & Readout

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