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Strategic Data Assessment

Strategy Drives Better Data. Better Insights. Better Results.


Gold-standard data analytics programs start with a well thought out data strategy.  They provide the organization with actionable direction and a roadmap for success, while providing  objective, qualitative & quantitative justification for the investment.

Our mantra is "Measure Twice - Cut Once!"  

According to  Gartner, "over half of analytic projects fail either because they aren’t completed in budget or because they fail to deliver on over-optimistic features and benefits that were agreed on at their onset".

Teknion's Strategic Data Assessment provides all of the elements to help organizations design, execute and deliver great a great data analytics program.

Why Conduct A Strategic Data Assessment?

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Great Organizations Start With Strategy

noun_roadmap_3053677Provide Your Organization With A Roadmap For Success

noun_time is money_2064011Improve Time To Value & Deliver Better Results


Getting Buy-In Is Critical

Building consensus and getting buy-in will be imperative for your data strategy to get off of the ground.  We have found by focusing on three (3) key areas greatly increases your chance for success.

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Build Credibility

The power of third-party input goes a long ways towards building credibility. Executives place great value on viewpoints from subject matter experts outside of their organization due to the depth of knowledge and unique, unbiased viewpoints provided.

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Create The Case

CIO Magazine states  “the strategic roadmap can and should be your most powerful ally in building a case for your initiative". Teknion’s SDA process will not only leave your team with a strategic roadmap, but also will also provide the rationale and justification to support the need to execute on that roadmap.

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Demonstrate Success

Moving into the implementation phase of your initiative, it is imperative that the strategy you’ve built is successfully executed. Teknion is capable of not only helping you develop your strategy, but also leading implementation efforts. Rely on us to make sure initiative success is demonstrated frequently and consistently to your organization.

Which Organizations Benefit Most From A Strategic Data Assessment?


New To Data & Analytics

Organizations looking to the future and attempting to launch into a data and analytics program or those that have relied heavily on Excel, MS Access, SQL, or other highly manual processes for reporting and analytics and want to mature their data and analytics capabilities will benefit from an SDA.

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Updating Data & Analytics Systems

Organizations that are evaluating upgrading to newer, more modern technologies or Organizations that are simply looking for input on what technology and analytics infrastructure is needed to address their organization’s current and future goals can benefit from the 3rd party input an SDA provides.


Barriers To Accessing Data

Organizations that consistently encounter the same  data-related barriers will benefit from Teknion’s root-cause approach to problem-solving; pain points may be isolated within IT or may extend to other departments and functions of the business.

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Moving From Descriptive To Predictive Analytics

Organizations that have a solid analytic foundation but are looking to make the leap from descriptive to predictive analytics need to first understand what people, processes, and technologies – and associated costs – are required to seamlessly implement predictive analytics into daily operations.


        Experiencing Transformative Growth

Organizations experiencing rapid growth need to make sure their data processes and underlying infrastructure can scale accordingly. Organizations who opt to revamp their data strategy proactively as opposed to reactively will be prepared for the nuances and changes that growth introduces.


Restructuring Or Cost Reduction Initiatives

Organizations that are undertaking restructuring or cost-reduction initiatives must make data analytics a top priority; performance improvement initiatives need to be based on facts, and the quality of a company’s facts is a direct result of the company’s data quality and data strategy.

SDA Strategic Areas Of Evaluation



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People & Processes

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Data Models, Structure & Catalog

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Data Architecture & Platforms

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Reporting & Visualization

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Advanced Analytics

Our SDA Process



Discovery & Planning 




Current State Assessment

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Desired State Gap Analysis

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Design & Present Recommendations

SDA Packages

We recognized Strategic Data Assessments are not “one size fits all”.   Teknion can customize any SDA package to meet your organization’s specific needs.

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Download An SDA Framework Overview

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