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Migration Readiness Assessment Services

Teknion’s Snowflake Readiness Assessment is a 4-day onsite engagement to help evaluate a WhereScape client’s readiness to migrate to Snowflake as their new Data Warehouse. A migration to Snowflake can prove to be a challenging endeavor – Teknion has years of experience in migrating WhereScape customers to Snowflake and can help advise and scope this effort.

Companies Who Benefit

Companies than can benefit from our Migration Readiness Assessment include those:

  • Evaluating Snowflake as a possible new Data Warehouse platform
  • That have already started using Snowflake but haven’t gotten very far
  • On an older release of WhereScape that is not template-based
  • New to the cloud and wanting to understand the pros and cons of Snowflake
  • Concerned about the cost of migration

Engagement Deliverables

While a Teknion Snowflake Readiness Assessment can be tailored to fit your unique needs, it typically includes:

  • An introduction to WhereScape Snowflake Edition
  • Overview of a typical Snowflake migration using WhereScape
  • Analysis of WhereScape Metadata Repository code and “Snowflake Readiness”
  • Evaluation of Current Data Warehouse in light of a Snowflake migration
  • Review of source-to-target data sources and Snowflake compatibility
  • “Level of Effort” Estimates for a Snowflake Migration

Pricing Details

Please connect with us for pricing on Snowflake Migration Readiness Assessment Services.


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