Data Warehouse Automation

Data warehouses take too long?

Everyone has data, but not everyone has realized the value of a data warehouse. A data warehouse provides your organization with a trusted and optimized platform to serve as the foundation of your analytics and reporting. Traditional approaches have been expensive to implement and maintain creating significant barriers to entry for most organizations.

At Teknion, we offer the benefits of data warehousing without the risk through data warehouse automation. We leverage the latest in automation tools to significantly reduce the time and cost of building and maintaining your data warehouse. 

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Data Integration

Data Integration

Our data isn’t moving where we need it?

Extracting, Transforming, and Loading (ETL) data into a data warehouse isn’t always easy. Data from disparate sources and complex transformations provide challenges that may leave you feeling stuck. Our experienced consultants are equipped and ready to help you. Our consultants have seen it all and know the tricks of the trade. Let us help you unlock the value in your data.

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Data QA Automation

We don’t trust our data.

There has been an emphasis on QA automation in the development world, but that emphasis has yet to be brought into data warehousing. The success or failure of many data warehouse projects has hinged on whether the data can be trusted. Teknion has developed a proprietary and innovative Data QA Engine that enables organizations to define, automate, and evaluate the results of important data quality measures.

Big Data

We don’t know what to do with all our data.

Teknion takes a pragmatic approach so that big data projects actually return the value that has been preached. Automation is key. Using the right tools is key. Solving appropriate problems is key.

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