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In order for the knowledgeable employee to get the most value out of their data they must have the skills to leverage the powerful tools at their disposal. We believe in empowering our customers by delivering world-class training to them for the products that we re-sell and implement. Our trainers are consistently ranked among the highest in the industry. Whether you have a team of hundreds or are a one-person show, we offer what you need to get up to speed on WhereScape, Alteryx, and Tableau.


“Teknion’s training team consistently delivers high-quality training materials and services. They have a firm understanding of the needs of our industry and demonstrate excellent customer service.”

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For a team classroom experience, we offer on-site classes at your facility across the country, or locally at our Irving, TX, office (in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex). See the course catalog below for details on the classes we offer.

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For a group or individuals, we offer consulting services that focus on training users in the tools and industry best practices that our team has learned the hard way. We point you in the right direction so you don’t have to hit the same potholes and land mines we have experience with.


Courses in Tableau, WhereScape and Alteryx

Our trainers are consistently ranked among the highest in the industry. Whether you have a team of hundreds or are a one-person show, we offer what you need to get up to speed on WhereScape, Alteryx, and Tableau.

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Which Tableau Training Course is Right For You? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

Tableau Desktop I


This 2-day course is designed for anyone who works with data, regardless of technical or analytical backgrounds. You’ll learn how to navigate Tableau Desktop and examine core concepts and techniques in Tableau and move from creating visualizations to combining them in interactive dashboards.

Tableau Desktop II


This 2-day course is designed to provide you with the skills required to become a Tableau power user. Made for the professional who has solid working experience with Tableau and wants to take it to the next level. Requires a deep understanding of all the fundamental concepts of building worksheets and dashboards, but may scratch your head when working with more complex issues.

Tableau Desktop III


This 2-day course explores complex data visualization challenges and digs deeper into your data. Learn advanced chart techniques for creating innovative analysis and dashboards. Get a better understanding of how to artfully prepare and organize your data and how to get the most out of Tableau Desktop’s more technical features.

Tableau Desktop I & II


This 3-day course combines the Tableau Desktop I and II classes for an accelerated learning experience. It is intended for new Tableau users who are transitioning into Tableau with a good background in using other BI tools.

Learning Tableau

This 3-day course follows the textbook Learning Tableau by Tableau Zen Master Joshua Milligan. It covers the following topics and is designed for Tableau beginners: Intro to Tableau, Exploring Visualization Best Practices, Creating and Understanding Calculated Fields and Table Calculations in Tableau, Formatting and Dashboarding, Analytics and Data Structure, and Tips, Tricks and Sharing.

Mastering Tableau

This 3-day course follows the textbook Mastering Tableau by Tableau trainer David Baldwin. It covers the following topics and is designed for the advanced Tableau user: All about the Data, Advanced Table Calculations, Level of Detail Calculations, Beyond the Basic Chart Types, Advanced Mapping and R Integration in Tableau.

What’s New In Tableau

This 1-day course is designed to bring your Tableau team up to speed on the new features of the latest Tableau versions. It is easy for long time users to forget that with each new release there are better and faster ways to do things that will let you make the most of your Tableau investment.

Custom and Modular Tableau Training

Are you looking for a custom experience or training on specific topics? Teknion offers a completely customized experience for your team to get up to speed on whatever topics are of value to you. The available modules are based on our Learning Tableau and Mastering Tableau courses but can also be integrated with further mentoring or consulting on your data. Each module is a ½ day and the minimum purchase is for a 2 day/4 module class.

Beginner Modules:

  • Intro to Tableau
  • Exploring Visualization Best Practices
  • Creating and Understanding Calculated Fields and Table Calculations in Tableau
  • Formatting and Dashboarding
  • Analytics and Data Structure
  • Tips, Tricks and Sharing

Advanced Modules:

  • All about the Data
  • Advanced Table Calculations
  • Level of Detail Calculations
  • Beyond the Basic Chart Types
  • Advanced Mapping
  • R Integration in Tableau


WhereScape RED Training

This 4-day course is designed to get a team ramped up on WhereScape RED as fast as possible. It covers a broad range of topics including: installation and configuration of RED, loading data, transforming data, managing and deploying a RED data warehouse, and best practices for using RED for data warehousing.

WhereScape RED + 3D Training

This 5-day course incorporates an additional day of training on WhereScape 3D into the WhereScape RED training course above.


Alteryx Core Concepts

Through lectures and labs, this 2-day class provides the building blocks required to complete more complex analytical tasks with Alteryx Designer. Students will gain a thorough understanding of important concepts that enable them to prepare, parse, blend, transform, and analyze data from disparate sources and output results.

Application & Macro Development

This 1-day class is designed for intermediate to advanced Alteryx users and teaches students how to use interface design tools to build customizable analytic applications and package common Alteryx workflow segments into repeatable macros. Students will also learn how to validate the output and data of applications, manage version control, and iterate data.

Alteryx Predictive Analytics

In this 1-day class students will learn how to utilize pre-packaged macros built with R for specific analytics, including data investigation and predictive modeling. This class will help those unfamiliar with statistical and modeling concepts to understand how to incorporate these advanced analyses into a drag-and-drop Alteryx workflow.