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In order for the knowledgeable employee to get the most value out of their data they must have the skills to leverage the powerful tools at their disposal. We believe in empowering our customers by delivering world-class training to them for the products that we re-sell and implement. Our trainers are consistently ranked among the highest in the industry. Whether you have a team of hundreds or are a one-person show, we offer what you need to get up to speed on WhereScape, Alteryx, and Tableau.

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“Teknion’s training team consistently delivers high-quality training materials and services. They have a firm understanding of the needs of our industry and demonstrate excellent customer service.”

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For a team classroom experience, we offer on-site classes at your facility across the country, or locally at our Irving, TX, office (in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex). Download the course catalog below for details on the classes we offer.

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Centers of Excellence (COE)

For a group or individuals, we offer COE consulting services that focus on training users in the tools and industry best practices that our team has learned the hard way. We point you in the right direction so you can shorten the time and effort getting your organization data ready.


Courses in Tableau, WhereScape and Alteryx and more

Our trainers are consistently ranked among the highest in the industry. Whether you have a team of hundreds or are a one-person show, we offer what you need to get up to speed on WhereScape, Alteryx, and Tableau.


Download the Course Catalog (PDF)


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Tableau Desktop I - Fundamentals

In this 2-day course you will learn Tableau concepts from the ground up. The course begins by teaching you how to create different types of visualizations and culminates in combining those visualizations on interactive dashboards.  Along the way you will learn essential concepts that will provide a foundation for future Tableau growth.

Tableau Desktop II - Intermediate

In this 2-day course, you will enhance your Tableau skills by learning more advanced visualization types and calculations as well as how to overcome challenging data problems. The course culminates in learning various dashboard and story techniques for creating a truly rich interactive environment.

Tableau Desktop I & II -  Accelerated

This fast pace, intense course, compresses the four days of material covered in Desktop I and Desktop II into a 3-day course. It is designed for the student who desires to quickly gain mastery in a challenging yet supportive environment.

Tableau Desktop III -  Advanced

In this 2-day course you will explore concepts that will give you true mastery of Tableau.  These concepts include advanced chart types and calculations; including, a deep dive into table calculations and LOD calculations. 

Visual Analytics - For All Levels

This 2-day course is best-practice oriented.  The first day covers the theory of visual analytics and the second day focuses on practical application.  Although targeted for experienced Tableau users, this course can be very effective for teaching non-Tableau users visual analytic principles.

Tableau Prep - Intermediate

This 2-day course will teach you how to prepare your data with Tableau Prep for Tableau Descktop. It's designed for students with 3+ months experience in Tableau Desktop. The course will teach data concepts and how to create Tableau Prep flows for output to Tableau Desktop for analysis purposes.

Web Authoring -  Fundamentals

This 1-day course will provide you with the knowledge to create views and dashboards using either Tableau Server or Tableau Online. You will learn how to navigate the web environment and examine core concepts and techniques


WhereScape RED Training

This 4-day course is designed to get a team ramped up on WhereScape RED as fast as possible. It covers a broad range of topics including: installation and configuration of RED, loading data, transforming data, managing and deploying a RED data warehouse, and best practices for using RED for data warehousing.

WhereScape RED + 3D Training

This 5-day course incorporates an additional day of training on WhereScape 3D into the WhereScape RED training course outlined.


Training Packages

Intro To Alteryx Training

Length: 2 Days

Designed for users new to Alteryx. Provides a hands-on experience in building Alteryx workflows using easy to follow step-by-step instructions.


• Intro to Alteryx Designer

• Connect and join to various data sources and data types

• Building workflows; transposing, summarizing, and grouping data • Report building and data output

• Packaging and sharing workflows with others

Alteryx Analytical App Training

Length: 1 Day

Designed for intermediate Alteryx users. Provides a hands-on experience in building Analytic Apps using step-by-step instructions.


• Intro to Analytic Apps and Gallery

• Intro to Designer App Builder interface tools

• Transform workflows into analytical apps

• Testing and debugging apps

• Uploading and sharing apps to Gallery

• Settings and configuration

Alteryx Macro Training

Length: 1 Day

Designed for intermediate to advanced Alteryx users. Provides a hands-on experience to learn about and how to build Alteryx Macros in workflows.


• Discover Macro options available in Alteryx

• Build Macros to streamline repeatable processes

• Design workflows to integrate Macros

• Packaging and sharing Macros with others

Quick Start Packages

Alteryx Server Implementation Package

Length: 2 Days


• Installation and configuration of software

• Permission configuration

• Gallery and Schedules tool training

• Publish initial workflow

Jump Start Training Package


Length: 2 Days


•  In-person training

• Includes Training documentation

Enablement Package


Length: 3 Days

Recommended Utilization:

• 2 days for in-person training

• 1 day for mentoring and office hours



Enablement Plus Package

Length: 6 Days

Recommended Utilization:

• 2x2 days of training

• 2 days for mentoring and office hours

ROI Quick Win Package

Length: 15 Days

Recommended Utilization:

• 2x2 days for in-person training

• 2 days for mentoring and office hours

• 9 days for quick win initiative

Solution Focused Packages

Data Prep and Organization

Preparing Your Data to Drive Insights

• Prep workflows

• Data mart developments

Embedded Analytics


Sharing Data With Others

• Embedded applications

• Portal development

• API integration

Organizational Enablement

Extending your data within the organization

• Gallery app development

• Governance

• Analytics COE

• Training

Business Process Automation

Simplify and Automate the Complex

• Automating manual workflows

• Job Scheduling


Expanding Your Mapping Capabilities

• Implement Alteryx Data Packages

• Location Analysis


Putting Your Data to Work to Predict Outcomes

• Feature engineering model

• Development model

• Evaluation and selection

• Model deployment

Custom Training & Enablement Packages

Didn't see a package that exactly fits what you need?  We can customize any of our training and enablement packages to deliver the training and organizational enablement your company needs to get you started on the path to better insights from your data.
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