Self Service Reporting

My users want to answer their own questions

Data that is locked up in tables can be overwhelming and hard to understand. We believe that by seeing your data, you are freed to understand and gain insights into your data like never before. We empower you with leading data visualization tools so you can unlock the hidden value (truth) of your data.

Selfservice woman with long ponytail looking at data with her hands on her head self service reporting teknion solution

Interactive Tableau Dashboards

We need to make data driven decisions

Big or small, every organization has to make decisions. Most organizations lack effective dashboards that support data driven decision making. Our experienced consultants help you create Tableau dashboards that not only answer your questions, but open the door to new questions as you interact with the data. We help your organization make better, more informed decisions through your data.


Visual Best Practices

We need to see our data decisions clearly.

Teknion’s experienced Tableau and Alteryx consultants have “seen it and done it” as it relates learning and leveraging the best techniques for seeing and understanding your data. We can empower your Team through training and mentoring to employ these best practices within organizations today.


Sharing and Publishing Insights

I need to share data insights

Share the power of data visualization with your entire organization. In Tableau Server, you have access to a tool that allows you to scale from self-service analytics to organization-wide insights. It will serve as your hub for all things data and visualization. Whether sharing a quick spreadsheet based report or publishing an enterprise dashboard it scales to your needs. Let us help you get started on your journey with Tableau Server.

BI Portals

We need a consistent way to access all our BI content

In today’s enterprise multiple BI tools are becoming the norm. Providing consistent and easy ways to access all of the insights they provide is critical to maximize the value of these investments and achieve adoption. Take back control of your BI with a custom portal. Common challenges we solve include custom branding, navigation and security models. Teknion’s team combines the experience working with multiple BI tools and portal development to bring all of your BI to one place.

BI Portals
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