Tableau Blueprint Workshop

April 1st, 2020 | 9AM - 11AM | Virtual via Webinar


Map Your BluePrint To Success With Tableau

Join us for a virtual two hour interactive workshop, where experts will illustrate how you can map your success with Tableau using the Tableau Blueprint framework.

Teknion has partnered with Tableau to offer you this exclusive workshop for success.

Whether you are part of a small analytics team, lead an analytics department or responsible for your entire organization's success rolling out Tableau, this workshop with help educate and assist you as you discover areas for improvement and potential solutions for success leveraging the Blueprint framework and Tableau and Teknion's expertise.

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What is Tableau Blueprint?

Tableau Blueprint is a framework that will help you build capabilities for success with Tableau. It provides a starting point and roadmap for those organizations just starting out with Tableau and creates clarity and visibility to those areas organizations may struggle with as they attempt to implement, rollout and derive the most out of their Tableau investment.

Core Areas Of The Blueprint Framework:
  • Strategy - Building a vision for success
  • Advocacy - Identifying and educating champions
  • Agility - Creating secure, stable and evolving as organization grows
  • Proficiency - Developing users who can do more with data
  • Community - Building a network of evangelists within the organization
  • Trusted & Governed - Create trust and confidence in the data through governance