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Teknion is a Gold Level Partner of Tableau and conducts Tableau training all over the world.  We offer packaged Tableau courses or we can customize a set of Tableau training curriculum to meet your organizations specific needs.

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Tableau Desktop 

Tableau Desktop I - Fundamentals

2-Day Course

In this course you will learn Tableau concepts from the ground up. The course begins by teaching you how to create different types of visualizations and culminates in combining those visualizations on interactive dashboards.  Along the way you will learn essential concepts that will provide a foundation for future Tableau growth.

Tableau Desktop II - Intermediate

2-Day Course

In this course you will enhance your Tableau skills by learning more advanced visualization types and calculations as well as how to overcome challenging data problems. The course culminates in learning various dashboard and story techniques for creating a truly rich interactive environment.

Tableau Desktop I & II - Accelerated

3-Day Course

This fast pace, intense course, compresses the four days of material covered in Desktop I and Desktop II into a 3-day course. It is designed for the student who desires to quickly gain mastery in a challenging yet supportive environment.

Tableau Desktop III -  Advanced

2-Day Course

In this 2-day course you will explore concepts that will give you true mastery of Tableau.  These concepts include advanced chart types and calculations; including, a deep dive into table calculations and LOD calculations. 

Platform Training

Visual Analytics

2-Day Course

This course is best-practice oriented.  The first day covers the theory of visual analytics and the second day focuses on practical application.  Although targeted for experienced Tableau users, this course can be very effective for teaching non-Tableau users visual analytic principles.

Tableau Prep

2-Day Course

This course will teach you how to prepare your data with Tableau Prep for Tableau Desktop. It's designed for students with 3+ months experience in Tableau Desktop. The course will teach data concepts and how to create Tableau Prep flows for output to Tableau Desktop for analysis purposes.

Web Authoring

1-Day Course

This course will provide you with the knowledge to create views and dashboards using either Tableau Server or Tableau Online. You will learn how to navigate the web environment and examine core concepts and techniques.


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