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Alteryx Tools | Teknion Macros

Teknion Predictive Macros

Teknion has been implementing and developing on the Alteryx platform for several years.  As feature-rich and flexible as the Alteryx Platform is, sometimes you need to supercharge your workflow with customized macros to solve your toughest data challenges.  Our team of consultants have created a set of predictive macros specifically to solve complex problems encountered along the way. Whether trying to get a better understanding of their data structure when leveraging K-Means Clusters or the need to run super charged regression analysis using the Y-Hat Regression tool.

Predictive Macros

alteryx-icon-k-meansK-Means Cluster Selection Tool

This Predictive Macro seeks to give the user greater understanding of their data structure by utilizing the R routine NbClust inside of Alteryx and displaying the results from 26 different cluster selection methods. 

Watch the K-Means Cluster Selection Tool in action:



Download K-Means Macro

YHatIconY-hat Regression Tool

The Y-hat Regression Tool Predictive Macro is a macro for running regression with beta-weights, structure coefficients and commonalities inside Alteryx.  This macro is intended to be used on any dataset that would be appropriate to run regression.

Watch the Y-Hat Regression Tool in action:



Download Y-Hat Macro