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Teknion Toolkit & Macros

Teknion has been implementing and developing on the Alteryx platform for several years.  As feature-rich and flexible as the Alteryx Platform is, sometimes you need to create specialized Alteryx tools to make the platform even more powerful.  Our team of consultants have created a set of tools specifically to solve complex problems encountered along the way. Tools, that when leveraged correctly, can save you time, money and remove the challenges of connecting data to and from specific environments.  And best of all, we provide these Alteryx tools to you at no cost.

Predictive Macros

alteryx-icon-k-meansK-Means Cluster Selection Tool

This Predictive Macro seeks to give the user greater understanding of their data structure by utilizing the R routine NbClust inside of Alteryx and displaying the results from 26 different cluster selection methods. 

Watch the K-Means Cluster Selection Tool in action:



Download K-Means Macro

YHatIconY-hat Regression Tool

The Y-hat Regression Tool Predictive Macro is a macro for running regression with beta-weights, structure coefficients and commonalities inside Alteryx.  This macro is intended to be used on any dataset that would be appropriate to run regression.

Watch the Y-Hat Regression Tool in action:



Download Y-Hat Macro


Complex XML Input Tool



Rest With Certificate


SQL Input Tool


sFTP With RSA Tool


AWS S3 Tool


Terminator Tool


File System Tool

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