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We believe in empowering our clients by delivering world-class training on the products we implement. Our trainers are consistently ranked among the highest in the industry. Whether you have a team of hundreds or are a small group, we offer the training you need to get up to speed.

Maximize the return on your investment

You made the investment in the best data and analytics software platforms in the industry.  Let us help you maximize that ROI by teaching your teams how to use each of the platforms to drive better data, better insights and better results.

Training Packages

Data Analytics Solutions are powerful tools when you know how to use them. Our Training and Enablement Packages are designed to get you the skills you need to do the work you want to do. If you're interested in signing up for one of the training packages, fill out the Connect With Us form on the right, and a Teknion training expert will follow up with the next steps to get the ball rolling. 

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Connect with Teknion to Discuss Your Training and Enablement Needs

We provide Training and Enablement in...


Below are the available training packages for Tableau. You can learn more about the details of each package by clicking the links below. You can also schedule training with a Teknion expert by filling out the form.


These are the available Alteryx training package options. You can learn more about the details of each package by clicking the links below. You can also schedule training with a Teknion expert by filling out the form below.

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Teknion offers an array of onboarding and training packages designed to help Matillion customers get off on the right track and to ramp up their team quickly. Customers can choose between 3 levels of onboarding sessions, as well as Matillion basics training and Matillion expanded training.



Whether it is optimizing your data architecture, leveraging best practices, or operationalizing your information offerings, Teknion can create a customized implementation enablement package to meet your needs. Optimize your data at every stage of your implementation project to ensure you can get the most out of your data and shorten your time to production by letting Teknion guide the way with your team.


This multi-day enablement package can be customized to deliver the most value based upon your environment and team skill level. It can cover a broad range of topics including installation, and configuration of RED, loading data, transforming data, managing and deploying a RED data warehouse and best practices for using RED for data warehousing.

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Our Fivetran enablement can be customized to meet your specific needs.  Whether you need basic set-up and configuration assistance or need help in configuring and loading data from each of your data sources, we can assist.

To View All of Our Available Training Classes, Download Our Catalog