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Visual Analytics Webinar Series

VA - Using Data Visualization Throughout the Entire Data Lifecycle
Using Data Visualization through-out the entire data lifecycle

The key to quick data discovery, rapid prototyping, and fast ROI for your data projects... 

Occurred April 15, 2020
Archived Webinar
VA - Beyond Color Myths- Functional Aesthetics for Better Design
Beyond color myths

Functional aesthetic for even better design... 

Occurred May 6, 2020
Archived Webinar

VA - Game Changer


Explore Tableau's 2020.2 Data Model with a Tableau Zen Master and learn how to... 

Occurred June 10, 2020
Archived Webinar
VA - Tableau Maps and More No Date
Tableau Maps & More! 

Exploring Tableau 2020.3, join our Tableau Zen Masters as they show how to leverage the geospatial power of Tableau...

Occurred August 12, 2020
Archived Webinar
VA - Presenting Data Science Through Visualization without date
Presenting Data Science through visualization

You've ran the models, tested, tuned and are ready to deploy. How do you communicate and use the model?...

Occurred September 2, 2020
Archived Webinar

VA - Exploring Data Scaffolding Techniques with Tableau Data Model final

Exploring Data Scaffolding Techniques with Tableau Data Model

Have you ever been handed specifications for a complex report and found it hard to replicate exactly in Tableau... 

Occurred November 5, 2020
Archived Webinar

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