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Alteryx Sports and Entertainment Summit 2021

By: Teknion Data Solutions Team

Teknion recently participated in Alteryx's Sports and Entertainment Summit. Find event details and the recording below.

How is big data analytics changing sports & live entertainment?

Big data has improved many industries over the last few years and is no stranger to the sporting field. While they may seem completely unrelated, data science and sports go hand-in-hand. Big data is playing a significant role in making sporting and entertainment events more competitive and engaging for audiences. Players, team managers, coaches, and fans rely on sports analytics before making decisions or developing strategies to win games. Broadcasters leverage data analytics to enhance their fan engagement.

We want to invite you to watch our first virtual sports and entertainment summit to learn how to build a data and analytics strategy that enables digital acceleration and agility while driving significant business value. On the panel were members from Major League Baseball’s Texas Rangers, National Football League’s LA Rams, and our partners from Teknion USA and Veritone Inc.
Topics discussed:
  • Using data to understand the total value season ticket members realize.
  • How survey data can help improve operations (both quantitative and qualitative)
  • Importance of monitoring business KPIs using dashboards
  • Dashboards for event operations
  • Automating data processes
  • Importance of real-time data


Meet the Speakers
Brian Vinson
Client Success Leader & Principal Consultant
Teknion Data Solutions
Isaac Ortega
Strategy & Analytics Manager
L.A. Rams
Logan Ketchum
Director of sales and strategic Partnerships
Machelle Noel
Manager analytics systems
Texas Rangers
Fabio Italiano
Head of C-Suite Program & Applied Innovation
Dr. Dan Putler
Chief Scientist

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