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Teknion Webinar: Data Governance: Overcoming Information Crisis

By: Teknion Data Solutions Team


As Banks and Financial Services industry play a critical part in helping the society respond to the current health crisis and recover from the incoming financial one, we should anticipate and prepare for another category, i.e. the information crisis.

Watch Teknion Principal Consultant, Data Governance Leader, David Hendrawirawan as he takes retrospective on the past financial crisis through the lens of data management. Good data quality, robust analytics, and secure information management are critical to respond, recover, and adapt the business to thrive post crisis. Combining good practices from the past and reflection on current landscape, we shall discuss opportunities to prepare for future challenges.

3 Key Discussion Points:
  • Although the circumstances are different, we can learn from past crisis.
  • Decision-makers struggle to get high quality and granular data required to make fast, critical decisions.
  • Banks are still handcuffed by outdated data architecture, ungoverned quality, and unscalable predictive capabilities… How prepared is your organization to face the inevitable information crisis to come?

See how Banking leaders and regulators push for significant overhaul in the aftermath of the Great Recession, with initiatives such as:

  • Financial and Call Reporting Automation for Accuracy and Efficiency
  • Improved 360 Matching of Customers for BSA/AML requirement
  • Agile data architecture for CECL risk modeling
  • AI-Augmented Data Catalog to Find and Access Trusted Data Sources
  • Consistent Enforcement of Data Security and Privacy Rules



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