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Webinar Archive: Mitigating Risk of Data Transformation Projects, What Every Executive Should Know

By: Teknion Data Solutions Team


According to a 2021 HBR survey, only 29% of Fortune 1000 companies are reporting success around managing their data as an asset, growing a data culture and using data to drive innovation. Only 24% claim to be data-driven in the past year - a decline from 38% the year before.

Join us as we invite Susan Schramm, Founder of Go to Market Impact, to help you understand why data modernization projects fail and how to de-risk them. 

This session will:

  • Include actionable tips
  • Challenge your perspective
  • Leave you inspired to impact your organization with the complimentary materials and resources referenced.

Interested in receiving this resource? Feel free to reach out to Dave Haas here.


Meet our presenter

Susan Schramm: Founder, Go to Market Impact LLC

Susan Schramm is a business consultant and speaker who has spent her career helping organizations overcome the challenges of taking big ideas to market. She has held executive roles with IBM, Siemens and Nokia, and served on the boards of the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions, the YMCA, and the Nehemiah Project, and as Board Vice Chair and Chief Marketing Officer of the Telecommunications Industry Association. Susan founded her firm Go to Market Impact LLC to help CEOs and boards launching new strategies (new offerings, new programs, new companies) get faster results by proactively optimizing risk. The firm’s Changemakers' De-Risk System for Impact℠ helps leaders systematically uncover the hidden risks of new strategies and develop a game plan to manage those risks. Ten percent of gross revenues of the firm are invested in programs and scholarships to build up purpose-led leaders changing the world for good.

Connect with Susan 

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